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18-10-2020: NEW - Looking for page;
08-10-2020: Conte Dr Josef Preziosi, M.R.C.S, 10th Conte Preziosi - Six generations of ancestors;
06-10-2020: Fleri Soler update;
25-09-2020: Foreign Nobility addition(Gualtieri) Earls of Dundee, Viscount Eythorn, (cr: 1705)
20-09-2020: El Magnifico Giacomo I Testaferrata - Six generations of ancestors.
14-09-2020; Farrugia addition;
09-08-2020: Nobile Cosimo Giuseppe Maria de Medici, (1650-) Seven generations of ancestors.
31-07-2020: Lanzon addition;
27-07-2020: Platamone revision;
19-07-2020: Conte Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi - Direct link to the Kings of Sicily.
16-07-2020: Cefai update;
06-07-2020: Nobile Gio Maria Said, (1866 Constantinople - 1941 England) - Eight generations of ancestors;
01-07-2020: Angelo Serra later surname becomes CierraMigrated to Puerto Rico in the 1800s, the King of Spain issued a royal decree encouraging white Europeans to move to the island to kick start the sugar cane industry, they needed to bring some capital with them and they would receive land;.
20-06-2020: Savona update;
08-06-2020: Arnold Zarb, (1901-1967), married (1) 1930 to Princess Elico Dadiani of Georgia, married (2) 1949 to Princess Salome Dadiani of Georgia, (sister in Law) online;
06-06-2020: List of Ancestry completed has returned, (more to return in due course);
30-05-2020: Sayd sives Said of Nadur and Qala, Gozo update; Saidon sives Saydon reorganisation;
21-05-2020: A surprising find in the histories of the Bishop Sant family tree works of a Nobility title creation for Dr Salvatore Baldassare Sant of Conte Palatine in 1769 in Rome, Papal city by Pope Clement XIV. This provides the Conte Sant three titles of Count Palatine Sant of Rome, Graf Sant of the Austrian territories in Italy and the Maltese Barone of Ghariexem e Tabia. 
11-04-2020: Fenech update;
22-03-2020: A website based on the British Peerage and Baronetage established by the late Leigh Rayment has moved to Maltagenealogy.com sadly due to the passing of Leigh late last year. At Maltagenealogy.com we will preserve his hard work for coming years to come.
16-03-2020: Aquilina update;
10-03-2020: Schranz added, thanks to Joan Consiglio.
19-02-2020: An interesting article regarding Mikiel Antonio Vassalli stating he was never married. Press link;
24-01-2020: Family trees to the Nobility section added. Click on Titles which were added:
- Sub Indexes updated (you will find that in the Genealogical content under a Capital letter with a listing of families whom featured in main pages. Otherwise, one is best to use the search engine and press Exact Phrase).
02-01-2019: Happy New Year 2020.
Freshly updated Malta Noblity website - Hosted by SantFournier.org The Most Illustrious and Most Noble, Count Sant Fournier, the Barone de Pausier.
26-12-2019: Camenzuli of Gozo;
24-12-2019: Ellul update;
18-12-2019: Floriani update;
16-12-2019: Despott update;
08-12-2019: Portelli update;
30-11-2019: From now on, each page will have on top of each page, Last update date as previously before the major website changes. Do not take notice of "Published date"
27-11-2019: Casha update;
08-11-2019: Cardona online;
3-11-2019: The deletion of the following pages: d'Afflitto; Doria; Lomellini, Spinola. Double page of delle Carceri is deleted and d'Aquino merged into Docible pages. Mintoff update;
26-10-2019: Cuschieri update;
23-10-2019: Bigeni update;
19-10-2019: dell'Episcopo sives dello Piscopo sives Piscopo links to the Arabic Sicilian Maltese emirates update;
13-10-2019: Mula family update;
07-09-2019: Salvatore Portelli and his son Basileo Portelli setup a vineyard in Marsala, Italy in the mid 19th century, which is still run by their descendants. (Website of the Vineyard)
27-08-2019: Cares sives Chares small family in the 16th century linked.
25-08-2019: Vancel / Fancel or Fanchel ancestry online.
21-08-2019: Gauci verses Cauchi - Same origin perhaps, well it seems to be of the same family.
29-07-2019 to 15-08-2019: No updates during this time.
21-07-2019: Richard Ellisthe British-Maltese photographer of the 19th century and wife's family;
08-06-2019: Stafrag sives Stafrach links to the Arabic Sicilian Maltese emirates update.
06-06-2019: Spiteri links to the Arabic Sicilian Maltese emirates update.
29-05-2019: Cagege origins to the Arabic Sicilian Maltese emirates update. Major changes to Arab Sicily Malta page, with a split with major families to individual pages.
28-05-2019: Busuttil origins to the Arabic Sicilian Maltese emirates update.
27-05-2019: Frendo, origins to the Arabic Sicilian Maltese emirates update.
23-05-2019: Subindex completed, check above for guide.
08-05-2019: Mercieca origin from the union of Blasius Michola, JURAT of Malta 1476-1480 and his cousin,  Ludovica Tomasina Ricciardi formed the surname of Merchic then later Merchich, then Merceria and now Mercieca.
05-05-2019: Buttigieg origins to the Arabic Sicilian Maltese emirates update.
26-04-2019: Farrugia origins to the Arabic Sicilian maltese emirates update.
12-03-2019: Changes to Don Basilico Inguanez, (1500-)Fought with the Holy Roman Army and found himself settled in Romania, becoming Radu voda Calugrul, later as Petru I, Principe of Wallachia, (r. 1535-1545), and his descendants.
09-02-2019: Zayro sives Zairo, Zinghel and Xeluki sives Xeibe origins to the Arabic Sicilian Maltese emirates update.
10-01-2019: Fiteni , Mallia , de Cantore,  Ciantar and Camilleri origin to the Arabic Sicilian Maltese emirates update.
31-12-2018: Happy New Year 2019 to everyone. The 20th Anniversary of Maltagenealogy.com bringing a new website changes and a future of another 20 years.
11-12-2018: The website upgrade is completed. 
08-12-2018: New search engine on top of the page, which will correspond to the new pages of genealogy and exisiting histories at Maltagenealogy.com more changes to occure over the coming week. The existing search engine will still refer to the old website. Links will be a minimal and over due course on working on each family tree, links will be re-established. Same as the nobility stories, histories will also become clearer with links. 
Maltagenealogy.com is downsizing to help everyone to be able to navigate through the pages. Many changes have occured where family trees were simplier now are in massive family trees being the focus point now. Just over 140 trees will feature the lineages of thousands of families and can clearly become publishable in the future.
We also have limited nobility titles to reigning monarchs. Those whom have acquired Chivalric orders must be listed in World Orders of Knighthood and Merit by Guy Stair Sainty and Rafe Heydel-Mankoo, ISBN-13: 978-0971196674.
05-12-2018: Further changes to the main page, genealogies and histories over the next week. Please be patient as the changes will make it possible to be able search and locate data at a much easier pace. At the moment, links in the listings are not all 100%. Many will disappear to only main pages and the rest will be only found via the new search engine coming very soon.
30-11-2018: Website changes are occuring earlier then expected. Hopefully all will be completed within the week. A new menu for genealogy will be completed during this period and a new update will noted when everything is completed.
16-11-2018: The Website is in the middle of integration of its vast data and changes will hopefully occur in the early months of 2019. Till then, please save your emails for updates, new work or corrections. The website will remain the same until the new changes are online and fully functioning.
18-09-2018: Various changes will occur on maltagenealogy.com including deletion of several areas such as SMOM, Russian Maltese Nobility, Announcements and pages will move in due course to a new URL. New pages of genealogy will not have links to corresponding pages, unless it is feeding off a main page. This is to help bring the website into a manageable site dealing with genealogy and related pages. The process has already started and will continue over 2019. Updates will notified. The aim now is to brings many pages into large family trees and reduce the size of the site. Eventually a New GENEALOGY LIST will be updated closer to completion of this transitition. 
Maltagenealogy.com has for nearly 20 years grown so massively out of control and changes have occured over the last five years to stream line the site. The next changes will hopefully bring it to a new dimension on the anniversary of its 20th year online.  
When sending an email for queries, please ensure to show your lineage. To reduce the amount of emails, responses will be to those who have sent family trees to search and add online, additions and corrections. 
Finally, the material online is always up for correction and updates. We are trying to ensure crediablity with references and sources where possible. 

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