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* The Maltese nobility - General information, Assessment of private interpretations, Official documents, Courts' application of rules, General principles, General Principles on Foreign titles, Application of General Principles, Particular Maltese Fiefs, Particular Maltese Titles, Particular Hybrid titles, Particular Foreign Titles, Satire, International Criticisms of Maltese Nobility
* A list of Ancient Privileges of the People of Malta and Gozo, granted by their sovereigns and suzerains (see also: gallery).
* Please get Your Facts right !.
* Priests during the Visitation of Dusina 1575
* Girolamo Manduca and Gian Francesco Abela: Tradition and invention in Maltese Historiography.
* Some Maltese members of the Order of Saint John in the context of Abbe' de Vertot's explanation (1728) of the qualification required to become a Knight of that Order.  
* Was Malta supportive of anti-popery?.
* Maltese Militia officers of the Order of Saint John 1723-1761.
* New administrative offices and authority established in late 18th century Malta.
Governors, Governor-Generals, Presidents, Prime Ministers and Chief Justices of Malta.
* An overview of the historical passage of the notional Sovereignty of the Maltese Islands from the earliest known period up to the Treaty of Paris 1814.
* Ancestry compiled list.
* Maltese Saints, Bishops, Archbishops in Malta, Gozo and abroad;
* Announcement of Births, Engagements, Marriages of the Maltese nobility;
* List of those Born as Alunno or Alunna Spedale della l'Hospital.
* Emirates of Sicily and Malta, including Hakims of Malta and Gozzo till 1356.
Interesting stories related to Maltese people and the nobility.
* The Benefices of the Isles of Malta in details from the Visitation of Dusina 1575
* Old Regal benefices which were succeeded by the Grand Masters as first men of the Maltese islands;
* The Fatimid history of Malta.
* Maltese Branch of the Counts Moroni
* Maltese People: Maltese in America: American Civil War: Union Army: Battle of New Bern 1862
* Maltese People: Maltese in American Revolutionary War: Liberty Bell: John Pass
Maltese People: Maltese in India: Rinaldo Sceberras
* A professional family of Whores.
* The Passalacqua Chain - A splendid Seventeenth Century Jewel in Malta by Francesca Balzan
* Cesare Vassallo's "Catalogo dei codici e dei manoscritti inediti che si conservano nella Pubblica Biblioteca di Malta" (1856).
* Bonaparte's plan to rig an election in Malta.
* Maltese connection to Carlo, Principe di Capua.
* Pietro Testaferrata, man with a mission from Garzes
* Interviews in French/English in the Radio Series ‘Un dromadaire sur l’épaule’ by Mélanie Croubalian, Cyril Déprazby and Le journaliste indépendant Frédéric Faux on Radio Télévision Suisse (RSR ‘La 1ere’)with various Maltese people.  A great insight of Malta and the Maltese, their lives and their living heritage.
* The Flag setup of Queensland -"The question of where the Maltese cross came from".
* Debate: Peerage succession:May 2008.
“Debate on the right of children born out of wedlock to succeed to peerages”.
* Deputy Lieutenants of Malta.
A look at Palazzo de Piro, Mdina.
* The French Execution of Maltese rebels 1799.
* The Story of Prince Cem (in Italian) PDF.
* Case Study in Renaissance Diplomacy: The Agreement between Innocent VIII and Bayezid II regarding Djem Sultan, PDF.
* New President has link to Russia's royal family. 
A list of All the old Maltese Notaries and the villages and dates of their practice.
* Spanish influence in Late Medieval Malta by Stanley Fiorini PDF.
* "Los Malteses en Valencia - Notas Heraldico-genealogicas de los apellidos de familias Valencianas procedentes de Malta" by Don Jose Caruana y Reig, Baron de San Petrillo; [URL].
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