Reassessing (again) the title of Baron of Cicciano (Castel Cicciano)



The following extract is from “Genealogia della famiglia Testaferrata, descritta dal Marchese Cassar Desain” (1880) (p. 106-107):-


“Fabrizio Testaferrata, primogenito del Barone Paolo e della Baronessa Beatrice, venne col regio assenso dato in Napoli il di luglio 1695 immesso nel possesso della Baronia di Cicciano.


Avuto quest’ assenso, Fabrizio costitui suo procuratore, per atti Gius. Simon 19 novembre 1696, il Bali’ Carlo Spinelli e in seguito spedi’ altra procura pei rogiti di not. Benedetto Vassallo – 2 agosto 1709 – a favor del Comm. Fra Geronimo Basadonna, e finalmente una terza il 1mo aprile 1710 per atto presso Vincenzo Marchesi in persona del prior della Rocella Don Carlo Caraffa.”


Copies of the documents dated 1696, 1709 and 1710 are found (below).


According to the “Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility” May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.), (para. 108) the title of Baron of Castel Cicciano being a title based in Naples was a “foreign title” and first recognized by the Grand Masters only in 1725. - The attached documents disprove the Report.


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See "Atti fatti e notizie su Cicciano e la sua gente" By Francesco M. Petillo

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(1) Castel Cicciano was a commandery of the order!

(2) Petillo says the "successors" are taken from Charles Gauci's book. However, Petillo seems to be implying after Fabrizio Testaferrata, there appears to be no evidence of any investiture in the title of baron of Castel Cicciano.

(3) Therefore it follows none of the Sceberras/Sceberras D'amico/Chesney/Sceberras Trigona families were ever entitled to this


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