"Maltese People: Maltese in America: American Civil War: Union Army: Battle of New Bern 1862: Battle of South Mountain 1862: Orlando E. Caruana: Medal of Honor".


The Americans of U.S.A. are justly, proud of their history. That great and wonderful country is made up of lots of different ethnic groups who have all contributed in no small measure. 


But smallness is an issue here because tiny Malta appears to be classified under the Italian ethnic group. This may be geographically correct but it ain’t quite right. 


Like any other country, the Americans have their heroes and other people worth remembering.


One such person was Orlando E. Caruana. 


He was a member of the Union Army and he saw action in the Battle of New Bern (North Carolina) (14 Mar 1862) and the Battle of South Mountain (14 Sep 1862).


He received a Medal of Honor for having managed to save, in the Battle of New Bern, a wounded colour-sergeant and the regimental flag (the colours) under a heavy fire of the enemy. 


Sadly, the Americans regard him as an Italo-American (see when in fact he was a Maltese, born in Valletta (see ).