The title of "Most illustrious and Noble".


 A copy verbatim of the Pragmatic dated 30th April 1725 is found in the sub-Enclosure in Enclosure No. 3 in the letter from Governor Simmons to The Earl of Derby dated 28 October 1884 which is published in “Copies or Extracts of Correspondence with reference to the Maltese Nobility (In Continuation of C-3812) presented to the House of Lords by Command of Her Majesty, May 1886” which also provides an exhaustive list of the persons who received such privilege from the Grand Masters to use the styles of “Most Illustrious” and “Noble”, namely : 


                                                                             i.      Milite Barone Marc’Antonio Inguanez and his wife Baroness Inguanez (30 April 1725)

                                                                           ii.      Barone di Cicciano Fabritio Testaferrata and his mother the Baroness of Gomerino Beatrice Cassia Testaferrata (11 May 1725)

                                                                         iii.      Marchese di San Vincenzo Ferreri Mario Testaferrata (9 July 1725)

                                                                         iv.      Carlo Falzon and Eleonora Testaferrata (13 June 1726)

                                                                           v.      Barone di San Marciano Diego Galea Feriolo (2 September 1726)

                                                                         vi.      Barone Gio Pio de Piro (19 March 1727)

                                                                       vii.      Canon Giuseppe di Costanzo and Donna Rosa widow of GioBattista di Costanzo (24 May 1729)

                                                                     viii.      Barone Isidoro Viani (27 June 1730)

                                                                         ix.      D. Vincenzo Platamone and Antonio Bonnici (??)

                                                                           x.      Baldassare Bonnici (13 January 1732)

                                                                         xi.      Calcerano Mompalao, Giuseppe and Caterina Cuschieri (6 March 1732)

                                                                       xii.      Barone Saverio Gatt (23 August 1737)

                                                                     xiii.      Signor Ludovico Bianchi (25 October 1741)

                                                                     xiv.      Dr. Ugolino Bonnici (5 September 1794)

                                                                       xv.      Dr. Saverio Crispo (??)


Unfortunately, it appears that no similar privilege was enjoyed by other families in Malta.

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