The Zirids of Granada, Algeria and Tunis.

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Ziri bin Manad, (d. 971), Founder of Zirid dynasty, leader of the Berber Sanhaja Tribe), married with issue.
1. Buluggin bin Zirid, 1st Emir of Tunis 972-984, married with issue.
1.1. Hammad bin Bulggin, Governor of Algeria, 1st Emir of Algeria 1014-1028, married with issue.
1.1.1. Prince Quighlan bin Hammad, Governor of Hamza.
1.1.2. Prince Qaid bin Hammad, 2nd Emir of Algeria 1025-1054, married with issue. Muhsin bin Qaid, 3rd Emir of Algeria 1054-1055.
1.1.3. Prince Yusaf bin Hammad, Governor of North Africia.
1.1.4. Princess N bin Hammad, married to al-Mausur bin al-Massur, 2nd Emir of Tunis, (See below).
1.2. al-Massur bin Zirid, 1st Emir of Tunis 984-995, married with issue.
1.2.1. al-Mausur bin al-Massur, 2nd Emir of Tunis, married to Princess N. bin Hammad of Algeria, (See below), with issue. Badis bin al-Mausur, 3rd Emir of Tunis 995-1016, married to Princess Isolda bin Jafar of Sicily, with issue. Al-Muizz bin Badis, (1008-1062), 4th Emir of Tunis 1016-1062, married to Princess N bin Muyahid of Denia, with issue. Tamini bin al-Muizz, (d 1108), 5th Emir of Tunis 1062-1108, married to Princess N bin Abu Yahya of Almeria, with issue. Yhaya bin Tamini, 6th Emir of Tunis 1108-1115, married to Princess N bin Abu Mohammed Omar bin Mohammed Abu Bakr of Badajoz, with issue. Ali bin Yhaya, 7th Emir of Tunis 1115-1121, married to Princess N bin Abd Allah of Granada, (See below), with issue. Princess Aisha bin Ali of Tunis, married to Hasan Samsam al-Dawla II, (1078-)Emir of Malta, (r. 1088-1115). Princess Pina bin Ali of Tunis, married to Yusuf bin Muhammad.
1.3. Princess Fatima bin Buluggin Zirid, married to Abdu l-Husayn, Emir of Sicily.
1.4. Princess Xuna bin Buluggin Zirid, married to Ammad bin Ali Kalbi.
2. Zami bin Zirid, arrived in Spain 1000, 1st Taifa of Granada 1013-1019, married with issue.
2.1. Prince Halai bin Zami.
2.2. Prince Buluggin bin Zami.
2.3. Princess Yacoba bin Zami, married to Capitano Ammand bin Hassan Kalbid.
2.4. Princess Astrixa bin Zami, married to Prince N bin Ya'ish Zirid.
3. Prince Maksan bin Ziri, (d. 1001), married to Princess Chiusa bin Abu l'Husayn Kalbid of Sicily, with issue.
3.1. Habus bin Maksan, 2nd Taifa of Granada, (d.1038), married to Princess N bin al-Mundhir of Zaragoza, with issue.
3.1.1. Badis bin Habus, 3rd Taifa of Granada, (d. 1073), married to Princess N bin Abd al-Malik Abu Merwan of Valencia, with issue. Buluggin bin Badis, 4th Taifa of Granada, (d. 1064), married to Princess N bin Abu al-Hasan Yahya of Toldeo, with issue. Abd Allah bin Buluggin, 5th Taifa of Granada, (deposed 1090), married to Princess N bin Abu Nasir of Seville, with issue. Princess N bin Abd Allah of Granada, married to Ali bin Yhaya, Emir of Tunis, (See above). Prince Tamin bin Buluggin, King of Malaga, (deposed 1090), (d. 1095). Prince Maksan bin Badis, (d. 1086).
3.1.2. Prince Buluggin bin Habus.
3.2. Prince Hubasa bin Maksan, (d. 1012), married with issue.
3.2.1. Prince Yiddir bin Hubasa.
4. Prince Ya'ish bin Zirid, married to Princess N. Kalbid of Sicily, with issue.
The genealogy of Princesses Aisha and Pina bin Ali of Tunis.
1. Princesses Aisha and Pina bin Ali of Tunis.
2. Ali bin Yhaya, 7th Emir of Tunis 1115-1121.
3. Princess N. bin Abd Allah of Granada.
4. Yhaya bin Tamini, 6th Emir of Tunis 1108-1115.
5. Princess N bin Ab Mohammed Omar of Badajoz.
6. Abd Allah, 6th Taifa King of Granada deposed 1090.
7. Princess N bin Abu Nasir of Seville.
8. Tamini, 5th Emir of Tunis 1062-1108.
9. Princess N bin Yahya of Almeria.
10. Abu Mohammed Omar, King of Badajoz 1081-1094.
11. N.
12. Buluggin, 4th Taifa King of Granada (d. 1064).
13. Princess N bin al-Qadir of Toledo.
14. Abu Nasir, King of Seville 1090.
15. Princess Zaida bin N, mistress to King Alfonso VI of Castile.
16. Al-Muizz, 4th Emir of Tunis 1016-1062.
17. Princess N bin Muyahid of Denia.
18. Abd Yahiya, King of Almeria (d. 1091).
19. N.
20. Mohammad abu Bakr, King of Badajoz 1045-1068.
21. N.
22-23. N.
24. Badu, 3rd Taifa King of Granada, (d. 1073).
25. Princess N bin Abd al-Malik Abu Merwan of Valencia.
26. al-Qadir, King of Toledo 1075-1092.
27. N.
28. Abu al-Qasum Mohammad, King of Seville 1039-1099.
29. N.
30-31. N.
32. Badin, 3rd Emir of Tunis 975-1016.
33. Princess Isolda bin Jafar of Sicily.
34. Muyahid al-Muuaffog, King of Denia, (d. 1045).
35. N.
36. Maan, King of Almeria.
37. Princess N bin Abd al-Aziz of Valencia.
38-39. N.
40. Abu Mohammad Abdallah, King of Badajoz 1022-1045.
41. N.
42-43. N.
44-47 N.
48. Halons, Taifa King of Granada, (d. 1038).
49. Princess N bin Abd al-Malik of Valencia, (daughter of al-Mundhir bin Yahya, King of Zaragozo 1013-1022).
50. Abd al-Malik abu Merman, King of Valencia (d. 1064).
51. Princess N bin Abu al-Hasan of Toledo, (daughter of Abu al-Hasan, King of Toledo (d. 1075) No 52).
52. Abu al-Hasan, King of Toledo (d. 1075).
53. N.
54-55. N.
56. Ismail, King of Seville, (d. 1019).
57-63. N.




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