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* Seljukis Sultans of Rum.


Toqaq, Chief of the Kinik Tribe of the Oghuz Turks, (d. 1021), with issue.
1. Seljuk, un Turc de la Tribu des Kabaks et de la race d'Afraciab, with issue.
1.1. ArslanIsrail, (c. 985, d. 1032 in Prison).
1.2. Mikail, (c. 985), Chief of the Kinik Tribe, married to N of Inal, with issue.
1.2.1. Abu Salim.
1.2.2. Daud Jeghur Beg, (989-1061), Governor of Korasan (1040-1060), with issue. Kaverd, (murdered 1073), with issue. Sultan Shah. Soleiman. Abu Sheja Alp Arslan Mohammed, (1030-1072), 2nd Sultan of Rum (r 1063-1072), married 1063 to Lady N of Lorhi (d/o Armenian Lord of Lorhi and a Princess of Georgia), with issue. Malik Shah, (1053-1092), Sultan of Rum, (1072-1092), married (1) 1071 to Princess N. of the Byzantine Empire (d/o Romanos IV), married (2) to N of Argun, married (3), Princess Zobeidah of Rum (d/o Yakuti), married (4) 1078 to Turkan Khatun, d/o Togmaj Khan), married (5) N, married (6) 1121 to N, with issue. (First marriage) Princess N of Rum, married to Ala ed-Daule Kershaf, Prince of Yezd. Princess N of Rum, married to Mohammed Khan, with issue. Mahmud Khan, (d. 1162). (Second marriage) Barkiarok of Rum, (1079-1105), Sultan of Rum (r 1092-1105), married with issue. Prince Malik Shah of Rum, (1099-). (Fourth marriage) Prince Mahmud of Rum, (1086-1095), d.inf. (Fifth marriage) Mohammed, (1081-1118), Sultan of Rum, (r 1105-1118), married to Princess Gohar Khatun of Persia, with issue. Mahmud, (1102-1131), Sultan of Rum, (r. 1118-1131), married (1) to Princess N of Rum, (see below), married (2) Princess N of Rum (see below), with issue. (First marriage) Daud, (murdered 1139), Sultan of Rum, (1131-1139), married 1134 to Princess Gohar Khatun of Rum (d/o Sultan Masud), dsp. (Second marriage) Malik Shah, (1127-1160)< Sultan of Rum, (r1152-1160). Mohammed, (d. 1159), Sultan of Rum, (1152-1159), married to Princess Gohar of Rum, d/o Sultan Masud), with issue. Prince N of Rum, (d. 1159), dunm. Prince Jagri Beg, (1109-1115), d.inf. Masud Temirek, (1108-1152), Sultan of Rum, ( -1152), married to Stefanie d'Ibelin, with issue. Alp Arslan, (1177), Sultan of Rum, (r. 1177-). Princess Gohar of Rum, married (1) 1134 to Daud, Sultan of Rum, (See above), married (2) Mohammed, Sultan of Rum (See above). Princess N. of Rum, married to Muzaffereddin, Bey of Germiyan. Tughril, (1109-1134), Sultan of Rum, (r. 1131-1134), married (1) to N, married (2) to Ildeguiz, with issue. Prince Arslan Shah of Rum, (d. 1175), married (1) to Kerman Khatun El Moktafi, married (2) 1175 to Siti-Fatimeh ed-Daulah, with issue. Tughril, (killed in battle 1194), Sultan of Rum, (r. 1177-1194), married with issue. Prince Malik Shah of Rum. Princess N of Rum, married (1) to Muzaffar ed-Din Uzbeg, married (2) to Djelal ed-Din, King of Kharezm. Princess N. of Rum, married to Mehmed Bey, Emir of Siniop. Princess N. of Rum, married to Prince Mughit al-Din Togril-Shah of Rum, (d. 1213), Emir of Elbistan 1186, (see below). Prince Seldjuk Shah of Rum, (c. 1131), married with issue. Prince Mohammed of Rum. Suleiman Shah, (murdered 1160), Sultan of Rum, (1159-1160). (Sixth marriage) Sinjar, (1084-1157), Sultan of Rum, (r. 1118-1157), married 1151 to Princess Rusudan of Georgia (d/o Demetre I), with issue. Princess N of Rum, married to Mahmud, Sultan of Rum. Princess N of Rum, married to Mahmud, Sultan of Rum. Princess N. of Rum, married to Prince Yaghi Arsland of Danismend, Governor of Sivas. Princess N. of Rum, married to Prince Ayn al-Dawla of Danismend, Governor of Melitese. Prince Takash of Rum, (murdered 1095). Prince Abu Said Tutush of Rum, (1066-Killed in Battle 1095), Emir of Aleppo (r.1094-1095), married with issue. Fakhr al-Mulk Radwan, (d. 1114), Emir of Aleppo, (r. 1095-1114), married to N of Antioch (d/o Yaghi Sian, Lord of Antioch), married (2) N of Hama, with issue. (First marriage) Alp Arslan, (1096-1115), Emir of Aleppo, (r. 1114-1115). Prince Malek Shah of Rum and Aleppo, (murdered 1114), married with issue. Prince N of Rum and Aleppo, (murdered 1114). Prince N of Rum and Aleppo, (murdered 1114). Prince Sultanshah of Rum and Aleppo, (1108-1123), Emir of Aleppo, (1115-1123) Prince Ibrahim of Rum and Aleppo. Princess N of Rum and Aleppo, married 1123 to Prince Balek Ortokids, Prince of Aleppo. Prince Duqaq of Rum and Aleppo, Emir of Damascus (r. 1097-1104), married with issue. Prince Buri of Rum, Aleppo and Damascus. Prince Iltash of Rum, Aleppo and Damascus, (1092-). Prince Tutush of Rum, Aleppo and Damascus, (1103-), Emir of Damascus, (1104-). Prince Abu Taleb of Rum and Aleppo, (killed 1114). Prince Behram of Rum and Aleppo, (killed 1114). Prince Bektash of Rum and Aleppo, Emir of Damascus, (r. 1104-). Princess N of Rum and Aleppo, married to Suleyman, Sultan of Rum. Prince Mohammed of Rum, married with issue. Prince Yaghi Sian of Rum, (killed 1098), Lord of Antioch (1097-1098), married with issue. Prince Shams ed-Din of Antioch, (c. 1098). Prince Buldagis of Antioch. Princess N of Antioch, married to Fakhir al-Mulk Radwan, Sultan of Aleppo. Prince Arslan Argun of Rum, (murdered 1097). Princess N of Rum, married to Prince Diogenes of the Byzantine Empire (s/o Emp Romanos). Princess N of Rum, married to Caliph El-Moktadi Bi-Amr. Princess N of Rum, married to Abdallah Kalbid, Emir of Trapani and Mazara.
1.2.3. Abutalip.
1.2.4. Rokn ed-Din Tughril beg Mohammed, (990-1063), created Sultan of Rum in 1037-1063, married without issue.
1.3. Musa Arslan Baigu, (c. 985), with issue.
1.3.1. Kutlumus, with issue. Suleyman, (killed in battle 1086), married to Princess N of Rum, (d/o Sultan Tutush), with issue. Kilic Arslan, (killed in battle 1107), Sultan of Rum, (r 1092-1107), married to Princess N of Smyrna, (d/o Chaka, Emir of Smyrna), with issue. Prince N of Rum, (1095 - killed in battle 1107). Shahanshah, (1095-1116), Sultan of Rum, (1109-1116). Masud, (d. 1155), Sultan of Rum, (r. 1116-1155), married to Princess N of Danishmend, with issue. Prince Alp Arslan of Rum, (d. 1145). Princess N of Rum, married 1140 to Prince Ioannes Komnenos Tzelepes. Princess N of Rum, married 1150 to Nur ed Din, Sultan of Aleppo and Damascus. Kilic Arslan II, (d. 1192), Sultan of Rum, (r. 1155-1192), married (1) to Princess N. Komnene, with issue. Prince Qutb al-Din Malik-Shah of Rum, (d. 1194), Emir of Konya 1189. Kay Khusraw I, (killed in battle 1211), Sultan of Rum, (1192-1211), married 1203 to Princess N. Mavrozomises-Komnenos, (d/o Manuel Mavrozomes-Komnenos), with issue. Kay Kawus I, (d. 1220), Sultan of Rum, (1211-1220). Kay Qubadh I, (d. 1237), Sultan of Rum, (r. 1220-1237), married to Lady N of Kalonoros, (d/o Kir Farid, Greek Lord of Kalonoros), with issue. Prince Shems ed-Din of Rum, (1250-1324), (Migrated to the Byzantine empire), married to Princess N Paleologo of the Byzantine Empire, with issue. Princess Eudokia Doukaina Angelina Komnene of Rum, (1265-1325), married 1279 to Theodoros Sarantenos. Princess N Doukaina Angelina Komnene of Rum, married to Karamond Bey, Emir of Karaman. Kay Khusraw II, (d. 1246), Sultan of Rum, (r. 1237-1246), married (1) to Prodoulia daughter of a Greek Priest, married (2) Princess N of Konya, married (3) 1237 to Princess Thamar of Georgia (See below), with issue. (First marriage) Kay Kawus II, (d.1234-1280), Sultan of Rum, (r. 1256-1278), married to Princess N of the Mongols, with issue. Masud II, (d. 1307), Sultan of Rum, (1278-1295, 1303-1307), married with issue. Princess N of Rum, married to Mahmet Bey, Emir of Karaman. Prince Kay Unmarth of Rum, (d. 1290), dunm. Prince Melik Constantinos of Rum, (d. 1306), Governor of Pegai in Mystra for the Byzantine Empire, married to Princess N Paleologo Komnene, with issue. Prince Alexios Soultanos Palaiologos of Rum, (d. 1344), married with issue. Prince Demetrios Soultanos Palaiologos, married with issue. Princess Theodora Soultanos Palaiologos, (d. 1376), married to Manuel Monomaxos. Princess N. Soultanos Palaiologos, married to Prince Muhammad Bey of Sogut. Princess N. of Rum, married to Zeyneddin Karaca Bey, Emir of Dulkadir. Prince Demetrios Soultanos Palaiologos, dunm. Prince Qilic Arslan of Rum, (d. 1264), d.unm. Prince Siyawush of Rum, (1264-executed 1300). Prince Faramarz of Rum, (d. 1264), married to Princess N. of Aleppo, with issue. Kay Qubadh III, (killed 1307), Sultan of Rum, (r 1295-1303), married with issue. Masud III, (d. 1307), Sultan of Rum, (r. 1307). Princess N of Rum, married to Al-ud Halel Mirza, Emir of Karaman. Kamariya Sultana Mal Khanum of Rum, married to Osman Khan Ghazi, 1st Sultan of the House of Osman (Second marriage) Kilic Arslan IV, (1236-1265), Sultan of Rum, (r. 1256-1265), married with issue. Kay Khusraw III, (1259-1284), Sultan of Rum, (r. 1265-1284), married to Princess of the Mongels (d/o Barka Khan), with issue. Prince N of Rum, (d. 1285). Prince N of Rum, (d. 1286). Princess N. of Rum, married to Kerimuddin Alsir, Bey of Germiyan. (Third marriage) Kay Qubadh II, (1239-1257), Sultan of Rum, (r. 1237-1257). Princess Gurji Khatun of Rum, married to Mu'in ed-Din Suleyman. Princess N of Rum, married to Nure Sofi, Leader of the Karamanids. Prince Izz al-Din of Rum. Prince Rukin al-Din of Rum. Princess Maleka Khatun of Rum, married 1254 to El-Malek en Naser Salah ed-Din Yusuf, Sultan of Damascus. Prince Kay Faridun Ibrahim of Rum, Emir of Antalya. Suleyman II, (d. 1204), Sultan of Rum, (r. 1201-1204), married with issue. Kilic Arslan III, (d. 1205), Sultan of Rum, (r. 1204-1205), married to Princess N. of Danismend, with issue. Prince N of Rum. Prince Nasir al-Din Berk Yark-Shah of Rum, Emir of Niksar. Prince Mughit al-Din Togril-Shah of Rum, (d. 1213), Emir of Elbistan 1186, married to Princess N of Rum, (see above), with issue. Prince Muhammad Mughis ud-Din Yigit of Rum, married to Rusudan I, Queen of Georgia, with issue. Princess Thamar of Georgia, (1228-), married 1237 to Kay Khusraw II, Sultan of Rum, married (2) to Mu'in al-Din Sulaiman Parwana, Emir of Sinop. Davit VI, (d. 1293), King of Imerati, (1258 -1293), married (1) to Tornikaina N, married (2) to N, with issue. Konstantini I, (d. 1327), King of Imerati, (r. 1293-1327)dunm. Mikeli II, (d. 1329), King of Imerati, (r. 1327-1329), married with issue. Bagrat I, (d. 1372), King of Imerati, (r. 1329-1372), married 1358 to Princess N. of Smatzkhe, with issue. Aleksandri I, (d. 1389), King of Imerati, (r. 1387-1389), married to Princess Ana Orbeliani, with issue. Prince Demetre of Imerati, (d. 1389), Duke of Imerati, married N. Giorgi I, (d. 1392), King of Imerati, (r. 1389-1392). Konstantini II, (d. 1401), King of Imerati, (r. 1392-1401). Prince Aleksandri of Imerati, dunm. Princess Vakhtang of Imerati, (d. 1292), married 1289 to Oljath Khanun, married (2) 1292 to Davit VIII, King of Kakheti and Kartli. Princess Halime of Rum, (1200-1282), married to Ertugrul Khan Ghazi, Emir of Sogut. Prince Nur al-Din Mahmud Sultan-Shah of Rum, (killed 1193), Emir of Sivas 1186. Prince Mu'izz al-Din Qaysar-Shah of Rum, Emir of Malatiya 1186, married to Princess N of Aleppo, (d/o El Malik el-Adil). Prince Arslan-Shah of Rum, Emir of Nigde 1186. Prince N of Rum. Prince Muhyi al-Din Mas'ud-Shah of Rum, (killed 1204), Emir of Ankara in 1186. Princess Al-Malik Saltuk of Rum, married to Dhu'l Nun, Malik of Danismend. Prince N of Rum, (murdered 1155). Prince Shahanshah of Rum, (d. 1174), Emir of Cankiri and Ankara, (1155-1174), married to Princess N of Danishmend. Prince Sancar-Shah of Rum, Emir of Eregil, (r. 1186-), married with issue. Prince Nizam al-Din Argun-Shah of Rum, Emir of Amasya, (1186-). Prince Arab of Rum, (d. 1129). Prince Togril Arslan of Rum, (d. 1116). Mansur, (killed in battle 1078).
1.4. Iounis, (c. 985).