Antonio Lanza Inguanez proven legitimate.




This document is a commentary on the transmission of the fief of Għariexem within the Inguanez family. 

It is part of a long  (undated) manuscript which deals with all the fiefs in Malta, prepared by the Royal Chancellory of the Kingdom of Sicily, sent to the Maltese Secrezia and deposited in the archives of the Università

It clearly states that the fief of Għariexem was transmitted from Antonio Inguanez to his son Don Lanza and then to the latter’s  acknowledged natural son, Antonio (Lanza). It also points out the fact that  neither Don Lanza nor his son ever paid the dues on the fief to the Crown.

Despite all this, there was no attempt by the Crown or indeed by the Order to repossess the fief of Għariexem from this particular line of the Inguanez family until it was sold by Baron Antonio Inguanez, a descendant of Antonio Lanza to Gio. Maria Cassia in 1568.

It illustrates the power and influence wielded by the Inguanez family in 15th  and 16th century Malta.


(Ref. NLM Lib. Univ. 206 ff. 8r, 8v, 16r)