"Request for information on a house, that may have a connection to Maria Teresa Nuzzo"



The following extract is taken from Victor F. Denaro’s article ““Still more Houses in Valletta” and published in “Melita Historica” which is the journal of the Maltese Historical Society. [3(1962)3(42-58) Copyright © The Malta Historical Society, 2005] 


In the early days of Valletta, Old Mint Street was known as Strada San Sebastiano, later, owing to the Mint being housed in this street, it became known as “Strada della Zecca” or “Strada Zecca.” The French, during their short occupation of the Island, named the street “Rue de la Monnaie.”……………………… "The “Casa Casaux” (Nos. 115/116 Old Mint Street) was the property of the family de Beon de Casaux and was enjoyed by members of this family who formed part of the Religion. As in 1739 there were no knights of the de Casaux family in the Order, the premises were leased for the term of two lives to Comm. Bisigniani. From the 1st May 1779 the house was incorporated with the Plaignes Commandery which had been founded, in juspatronage, by Fra Paul François de Beon de Casaux, Prior of Toulouse."


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A friend of understood that this is the same house that was used also as a school run by Maria Teresa Nuzzo (the foundress of the religious order Daughters of the Sacred Heart – established 1903). 


It is recorded elsewhere that Maria Teresa hailed from Valletta and that in 1867, aged sixteen, Maria Teresa became responsible for a school run by her aunt, who had become blind and who died on 4 March 1867. (See and )


However, we at have failed to establish the location of the aunt’s school and on the 6th October 2009 we floated a request on the internet for more information.


On the 8th October another friend of ours kindly provided us with his detailed research on this very property as well as a list of licensed schools for the period 1839-1888.


Here are his results (Research by Vincent Ellul Malta 8th October 2009-10-08 Reference CSG 43/01 1827/1903, Malta Gov. Gazzette (various), Malta Family History Website - Copyright © Vincent Ellul Malta) 



List of people who resided from time to time in any of the above mentioned addresses from 1860 to 1903 and who were eligible to vote during the elections held over the 43 years in question.


In the search conducted the name of the street is referred to in the Italian language, hence Strada Zecca is the same street as Old Mint Street


House number 115 Strada Zecca was the residence of the following


1860 Mr. Giovanni Lebrun

1867 Mr Giuseppe Mula

1869 Dr. Roncali Zaccari


House number 116 Strada Zecca seems to have been more in demand since it shows the following people residing there


1866 Mr Giuseppe Di Pietro Spiteri

1867 Mr Giuseppe Di Pietro Spiteri

1869 Not Teodoro Bonavvita

         Mr. Alessandro Bonavita

         Mr. Emanuele Lebard

1870 Not Teodoro Bonavita

1880 Mr. Paolo Naudi

1900 Mr. Gio Batta Vella

1920 Mr. Albert Mercieca




The first recorded licence to be issued by the Chief Government Secretary was in 1827. Up till 1849 no proper record or cross reference exists and only a mention is made in the official records of the time.


The list of schools that operated from Valletta are as follows:-

Date License Holder       Description and 



Oct 16 1827 Rev. Geo Maturin   A day school in


Nov 7  1827 Mr. W.S. Maturin   A day school in 



Nov 15 1838 Dr.Salvatore Cumbo A public school for 

literature in Valletta.


Nov 25 1839 Mr Gius. Naudi    An infant school 

according to

the plan of 


not mentioned in 



Sept 13 1845 Mr. G.B.Falzon A school to teach 

Children Italian 

Language (location



Feb 7 1846   Dr. Dom. Cuschieri     A school for primary 

Education of youths 

(No Location)


Apr 6 1853    Mrs. Parsons           A school in Valletta 

for the Teaching of the 

Eng Language and the 

branches of knowledge

forming a course for 

English females


Dec 14 1853   Miss Smeralda Abbud A School in Valletta to 

Teach Arabic language


Dec 22 1853   Mr. Giacomo Sessa      To keep an elementary

commercial school in 



Dec12 1854   Mr. Joseph Anton      To keep a school in 

Valletta for the 

teaching of Arabic

language, literature and



Sept 19 1863 Mr. Goffredo Borg      To keep a school in 

Valletta for primary 

instructions of

Italian English 

Language Aritmethic 

and calligraphy

At no 51 St. 

Christopher Str.


July 25 1866 Giovanna Locano      To keep an infant 

school in Valletta 

Strada Ponente.


May 5 1868 Teresa & Elisabeth     To keep an elementary 

Tomani    School for girls at 105 

Strada Forni Valletta


Nov 3 1882   George Caruana  To keep a private 

school in Valletta

Feb 22 1883   Teresa Lupi  To keep a private 

school at 65, Strada 

San Nicola Valletta

July 9 1883 Julie Muller Bartolo    To keep an institute 

for the education of 

young ladies at 

43, Strada Stretta 



Aug 28 1885 Michele Azzopardi     To keep a private 

school in Valletta to 

teach commercial

Arit. And book 



Feb 28 1888   Marianna Cremona   To keep an infant 

school at 48 Strada 

Levante Valletta.


From the above information it seems that there was no school in 115/116 Strada Zecca. It is also to be noted that there exist no application and or permit in the surname of Nuzzo. It would be interesting to discover Maria Teresa Nuzzo’s aunt’s surname since from the available information (there are 5 schools licensed in the name of women) at the time mentioned (1867++).



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