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1. Eudes de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt, married 1165 to Ade Tyrel, with issue.
1.1. Huon de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt, (c. 1209), married 1220 to Charlotte de la Viefville, with issue.
1.1.1. Wautier de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt, married 1241 to Alix de Crequy, with issue. Adam de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt, (c. 1279), married to Ide de Tincques, with issue. Jean de Wignacourt, Seigneir de Wignacourt, (c. 1331), married to Aldegonde de Saveuse, with issue. Gontran de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt, married to Bonnce de Saveuse, with issue. Pierre de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt, (d. 1380), married to Marie de Nedonchel, with issue. Jean II de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt, married to Jeanne de Morbecque, with issue. Jacques de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt, married 1400 to Marie de Noyelles, with issue. Louis de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt, married 1429 to Marie Augrale, with issue. Louis II de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt, married to Alix de Bernemicourt, with issue. Ghislain de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt, married 1500 to Louise de Pronville, with issue. Charles Jacques de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt et de Dourton, married (1) 1543 to Marguerite de Poix, married (2) 1557 to Helene de Marnix, with issue. (First marriage) Anne de Wignacourt, married 1574 to Louis de Crequy, Seigneur de Vroyland, Rouverel, Erain. (Second marriage) Antoine de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt et de Dourton, married (1) 1584 to Anne-Claire de Hornes, married (2) 1603 to Marie de Berghes-Sant-Winoc, with issue. (First marriage) Maximilien de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt, married 1615 to Marguerite de Cuinchy, with issue. Philippe-Albert de Wignacourt, (d. 1677), Seigneur de Wignacourt, Dourton et Camblin, married to Isabella de Berghes-Saint-Winoc, with issue. Charles-Maxilien Desire de Wignacourt, (d. 1718), Seigneur de Wignacourt, Dourton et Camblin, married to Marie-Francoise de Carnin, with issue. Ghislain-Francois de Wignacourt, (1685-1758), Marquis de Wignacourt, Dourton et Camblin, Baron de Pernes, married 1710 to Marie-Philippe Anne de Croy, with issue. Ghislain Joseph Adrien Francois de Wignacourt, (1715-1772), created Marquis de Wignacourt, Dourton et Camblin, married 1759 to Anne-Helene Francoise van der Burch. Francoise-Maximilien de Wignacourt, married to Caterine Roussille, with issue. Charles-Francois de Wignacourt, (1700-1774), Baron d'Humbercourt, married to Marie-Francois Le Gillon, with issue. N. de Wignacourt, married to N. Le Pourceau, Seigneur de Roiiveau. Catherine-Charlotte de Wignacourt, (1736-), married 1751 to Charles-Francois Joseph Boudart, Marquis de Couturelle. Marie-Francoise de Wignacourt, (d. 1784), married to Marquis de Louvencourt-Bethencourt. Catherine-Madeleine de Wignacourt, married 1720 to Jacques-Philippe de Servins, Seigneur de Launoy. Marie-Charlotte Catherine de Wignacourt, married 1732 to Michel de Marce, Seigneur d'Hubercourt. Ghislain de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Beugnastre, married 1580 to Jeanne Stradio, with issue. Charles de Wignacourt. Philippe de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Beugnastre, (d. 1626), married to Madeleine de Lannoy, with issue. Henri de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Beugnastre, married (1) to Louise-Ernestine de Mirbichtz, married (2) to Anne-Ernestine Suys, with issue. (Second marriage) Ferdinand de Wignacourt, Comte de Lannoy, married 1686 to Marie-Isabelle Therese de Cottereau, with issue. Henri-Anne Auguste de Wignacourt, (d. 1760), Comte de Lannoy, married 1714 to Marie-Therese de Ligne, Princess de Barbancon, with issue. Marie-Auguste Therese Gabrielle de Wignacourt, Princess de Ligne-Barbancon, married 1737 to Don Alonso de Solis, Comte de Saiduena, Grandee of Espagne, Vice Royale of Navarre. Guillaume-Alexandre de Wignacourt, (d. 1760), Comte de Lannoy et d'Aigremont, married 1717 to Marie-Isabelle Godefredine, Princess de la Tour &Taxis, with issue. Marie-Seraphine Xaviere de Wignacourt, (d. 1753), Nun. Marie-Ignace Justine de Wignacourt, Nun. Charlotte de Wignacourt, Nun. Alexandre-Constantine Emmanuel de Wignacourt, (d. 1726), Baron de Beuquetdunm. Henru-Francois de Wignacourt. Jean-Ignace de Wignacourt. Marie-Isabelle de Wignacourt, married to Jacques-Gabriel de Jacquier, Baron de Rosee. Jean de Wignacourt, married to Isabeau de Pronville. Othon de Wignacourt, married to Marguerite du Bois de Fiennes. Maret de Wignacourt, (c. 1421), married to Marguerite de Durat, with issue. Warin de Wignacourt, Seigneur d'Escalus, married to Marie le Vasseur, with issue. Hue de Wignacourt, Seigneur d'Escalus, married to Jeanne de Tramecourt. Jean de Wignacourt, Seigneur d'Escalus, married 1522 to Barbe de Sars, Dame de Flettre, with issue. Philippe de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Flettre, married 1559 to Jeanne d'Audenfort, Dame de Fontaine-Tatinghem, with issue. Jean de Wigancourt, Seigneur de Flettre, Baron de Cauroy, married 1590 to Anne d'Ostrel, with issue. Jacques-Sebastien de Wignacourt, (d. 1658), Barone de Cauroy, Comte de Fletrecreated 1636, married 1629 to Francoise Gallo-Salamanca, with issue. Michel-Francois de Wignacourt, Comte de Fletre, married 1664 to Genevieve Adornes, Dame de Marquillies, with issue. Denis-Francois de Wignacourt, Grand Ballie hereditaire de Cassel, Comte de Fletre et d'Herlies, married 1684 to Marie-Philippe Aldegonde de Croix de Heuchin, with issue. Albert-Denis Florent de Wignacourt. Balthazar-Pierre Felix de Wignacourt, Comte de Fletre, Vleteren, Seigneur de Herlies, La Bassee et Marquillies, Grand Balli hereditaire de Cassel, married 1730 to Constance-Caroline de Ghistelles de Saint-Floris, with issue. Balthazar-Philippe Emmanuel Charles de Wignacourt, Comte de Fletre, (1731-. Constance-Polyxene Reine Stanislas de Wigancourt, Chanoinesse de Maubeuge, married 1753 to Adrien-Jean Baptiste, Conte de Lannoy et de Clervaux. Philippe de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Fontaine-Tatinghem, married 1603 to Anne de Witz, with issue. Denis de Wignacourt. Joseph de Wignacourt. Charles de Wignacourt. Armand de Wignacourt. Anne de Wignacourt, (d. 1667), Dame de Fontaines and Tatinghem, married (1) to Louis de Hoston, Seigneur de Fresigignies, married to Jean du Buisson, Seigneur d'Ausnoit. Antoinette de Wignacourt, married to Colard de Habarcq. Jean de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Ligny-Heurtebise, married to Yolande de Wignacourt, with issue. Jean de Wignacourt. Otte de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt 1382, married to Catherine de Beauvais, with issue. Jean de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt et Heurtebise, married to Marie de Berghes-Sant-Winnocq, dame de Brebere, with issue. Otton de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Belvre, married to Gillette de Beriette. Colard de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt, Governor of Saint-Riquier, married to Jeanne de Donquere, with issue. Thomas de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Wignacourt, Captaine d'une compagnie de Francs-Archers, married to Simonne Disque, with issue. Pierre de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Lits-en-Beauvaisis, Captaine d'une compagnie legionnaire du regiment de Picardie, married to Marquerite de Vaux, with issue. Jean de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Lisse, married (1) 1538 to Marie de la Porte de Vezins, Dame de la Porte, married (2) to Antoinette de Micault, with issue. (First marriage) Jean de Wignacourt, dunm. Adrien de Wignacourt, (1557-1628), Seigneur de Lisse, Gentleman of the Chambers of Henri IV, married to Louise de Saint-Perrier, Dame de Balloy, with issue. Francoise de Wignacourt, married to Antoine Boyer, Seigneur de Sainte-Genevieve-des-Blois et de Villemoison, Conseiller du Roi, Secretaire des Finances. Anne Louise Boyer de Saint-Genevieve-des-Blois, (1631-1697), Dame de Mouchy-le-Chatel et de la Cour, married 1646 to Anne, Duc de Noailles. Antoine Boyer, Baron de Mouchy. Jeanne Boyer, Nun. Elisabeth Boyer, Nun. Louise de Wignacourt, married 1616 to Claude de la Viefville. Angela de Wignacourt, married 1651 Valletta, Malta to Sig Gerolamo Bonello. Joachim de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Lits, married (1) 1578 to Marie de Villiers de l'Isle-Adam, married (2) to Claude de Chalmaison, with issue. (First marriage) Aloph de Wigancourt, Seigneur de Lits, married 1637 to Marguerite Gouffier, with issue. Adrien de Wignacourt. Charlotte-Angelique de Wignacourt, married 1682 to Alexandre-Aloph de la Viefville, Marquis d'Orvilliers. Joachim de Wignacourt, Seigneur du Balloy, married to Jacqueline de Geps. Adrien de Wignacourt, (1619-1697), Grand Master of the Order of St John of Malta (r 1690-1697). Aloph de Wignacourt, (d. 1622), Grand Master of the Order of St John of Malta (r. 1601-1622). Philippe de Wignacourt, dunm. Charles de Wignacourt, dunm. Rasse de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Coulon-Boville, married to Marie Besanne, with issue. Maurice de Wignacourt, Ecuyer du Duc de Lorraine, married 1497 to Marquerite de Riviere, with issue. Jean de Wignacourt, married to Jeanne de Claires, with issue. Claude de Wignacourt, (1564), married to Agnes de Bellestac, with issue. Antoine de Wignacourt, (1593), married to Marquerite d'Arras, with issue. Jean de Wignacourt, (1629), married to Bonne de Tige, with issue. Robert de Wignacourt, (d. 1730), married 1681 to Anne-Barbe de Mesguin, with issue. Daniel de Wignacourt, Seigneur de Guignecourt, married 1715 to Marie-Claire de Fumeron, with issue. Louis-Daniel de Wignacourt, (d. 1759), Marquis de Wignacourt, married 1752 to Marie-Jules de Maizieres, with issue. Antoine-Louis de Wignacourt, (1753-), Marquis de Wignacourt, married to Marie-Francoise Catherine de Sainte-Aldegonde, with issue. Francois-Louis de Wignacourt, (1756-). Antoine de Wignacourt, Comte de Morincourt, married 1681 to Louise de Vars, with issue. Jean-Henri de Wignacourt, (1689-1761), Comte de Morincourt, married 1722 to Marianne de Tournebulle, with issue. Louis-Joseph de Wignacourt, (1723-), Comte de Morincourt, married 1758 to Charlotte-Louise Leclerc de Morains, with issue. Louis-Joseph de Wignacourt, (1760-), Comte de Morincourt. Andre-Claude Charles de Wignacourt, (1762-). Robert de Wignacourt. Warcant de Wignacourt.




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