Dukes of Amalfi.


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1. Sergius II, Duke of Amalfi r. 958-967, married to Princess N of N, with issue.
1.1. Manso II, Duke of Amalfi, r. 958-1005, married with issue.
1.1.1. Ioannes II, Duke of Amalfi, r. 977-1006, married to Princess Regalis of N, with issue. Sergius III, Duke of Amalfi, r. 1002-1028, married to Princess Maria of Capua, with issue. Ioannes III, Duke of Amalfi, r. 1014-1068, married with issue. Sergius IV, Duke of Amalfi, r. 1031-1073, married with issue. Ioannes V, Duke of Amalfi, r. 1068-1077, dunm. Manso III, Duke of Amalfi, r. 1028-1053, married to Princess Anna of N, with issue. Guamar, Duke of Amalfi, r. 1047-1052, dunm. Prince Roffrid of Amalfi, (d. 1058). Prince Atenulf of Amalfi, married with issue. Prince Pandulf of Amalfi, married to Princess Ladelgrima of N, with issue. Princess Regina of Amalfi, married to Ioannes, Conte Palatine of Benevento. Prince Alberic of Amalfi, (d. 1102), married to Princess Maria of N, with issue. Prince Sergius of Amalfi. Princess Maria of Amalfi, married to Pietro de'Boboni. Princess N of Amalfi, married to Rainalf, Conte di Aversa. Prince Marius of Amalfi, married with issue. Prince Sergius of Amalfi, (d. 1079), married to Mura Conti dei Conti di Pantaleone, with issue. Prince Sergius of Amalfi, (d. 1079). Prince Ioannes of Amalfi, (d. 1079). Prince Arechis of Amalfi, married with issue. Prince Manso of Amalfi, married to Nobile Riccia Conti, with issue. Prince Arechis of Amalfi. Prince Ioannes of Amalfi. Princess Aloara of Amalfi. Princess Stefania of Amalfi. Princess Regala of Amalfi, (d. 1060). Prince Ioannes of Amalfi, (d. 1078).
1.1.2. Prince Marius of Amalfi, (d. 1053).
1.1.3. Prince Sergius of Amalfi, (d. 1008), married with issue. Prince Manso of Amalfi, (d. 1090). Prince Ioannes of Amalfi, (d. 1090).
1.1.4. Prince Manso of Amalfi, (d. 1021), married with issue. Prince Manso of Amalfi, (d. 1098). Prince Sergius of Amalfi, (d. 1082). Prince Ioannes of Amalfi, (d. 1098).
1.1.5. Prince Landulf of Amalfi, (d. 1008).
1.1.6. Princess Carda of Amalfi, married to Landolf II, Prince of Benevento.
1.2. Prince Ioannes of Amalfi, (d. 1007), married with issue.
1.2.1. Prince Manso of Amalfi.
1.2.2. Prince Maru of Amalfi, married to Prince Constantine of Amalfi.
1.3. Prince Adelfer of Amalfi, Duke of Amalfi, r. 984-998, married with issue.
1.3.1. Sergius, Duke of Amalfi, r. 985-1012.
1.3.2. Prince Mauro of Amalfi, (d. 1012).
1.3.3. Prince Ademar of Amalfi.
1.4. Prince Ademar of Amalfi, (d. 1025), married with issue.
1.4.1. Prince Ademar of Amalfi, (d. 1030), married with issue. Prince Landolf of Amalfi, (d. 1064), married to Princess N of Benevento, with issue. Prince Ademar of Amalfi, (d. 1110), married to N dei Conti, with issue. Prince Landolf of Amalfi, (d. 1114). Prince Ioannes of Amalfi, (d. 1110). Prince Alfan of Amalfi, married to N di Giffoni, with issue. Prince Guido of Amalfi, (d. 1139), married to Princess Truda of N. Prince Guglielmo of Amalfi, (d. 1139), married to Princess Sichelgaita of N. Princess Sichelgaita of Amalfi. Princess Grima of Amalfi, (d. 1119). Princess Marotta of Amalfi, (d. 1119). Prince Landolf of Amalfi, (d. 1073), married with issue. Prince Ademar of Amalfi, (d. 1114). Princess N of Amalfi, married to Nobile Romualdo Conti. Princess Gaitelgrima of Amalfi, married to Prince Lamberto of N. Princess Alferana of Amalfi, married to Prince Petrus of Benevento. Princess Gumeltruda of Amalfi, married to Prince Romualdo of Benevento.
1.4.2. Prince Adelfor of Amalfi, married with issue. Prince Radelchus of Amalfi, (d. 1031), married to Princess Aloara of N, with issue. Princess Purpura of Amalfi, married to Prince Ioannes of N. Prince Castelasan of Amalfi, (d. 1089), married to Princess Altruda of N, with issue. Prince Ioannes of Amalfi, (d. 1119), married with issue. Prince Castasan of Amalfi, (d. 1135), married with issue. Prince Adelfer of Amalfi, (d. 1135), married to Princess Gemma of Salerno, with issue. Princess Altruda of Amalfi, married to Conte Guidone II di Castelli, Conte di Torre. Prince Ioannes of Amalfi. Prince Bartolomeo of Amalfi. Prince Madelfred of Amalfi. Princess Aloara of Amalfi, (d. 1084), married to Prince Alfan of N. Princess N of Amalfi, married to Prince Guaifer of Gaeta.
1.4.3. Prince Adelfer of Amalfi, Abbott of San Massimo di Salerno, (d. 1077).
1.5. Prince Leone of Amalfi, with issue.
1.5.1. Princess Porpora of Amalfi, married to Alfano, Count of Tabellaria, with issue. Laidolfo, Count of Tabellaria, married to Aldara Conti dei Conti di San Massimo, with issue. Porpa di Tabellaria, married to Guaimar IV, Prince of Capua, Salerno , Calabria, and Apulia, died 1052.



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