Mary Davis

List of Ancestry Completed.
The Six Generations of Ancestors of the Mary Davis, 1742-1825.
Online: 22-09-2021.
"First draft".
Gen 1:
1. Mary Davis, (1742 London - 1825 Paris), was an English upper class socialite and courtesan who mixed in the elevated circles of government and royalty in late 18th century Great Britain. Her home, Norwood House, in Upper Norwood, then Surrey, now South London, became a meeting place for the rich and powerful. Mistress to Augustus Hervey, 3rd Earl of Bristol and Henry Luttrel, 2nd Earl of Carhampton and had a son by Luttrel.
Gen 2.
2. Alessandro Mompalao, created Barone di Frigenuini 1737 in Malta.
3. Diana de Beauclerk, (1727-), mistress to Alessandro and others, [1].
Gen 3.
4. Nobile Pietro Mompalao, Knight of the Holy Roman Empire.
5. Rosa Cuschieri.
6. Charles Beauclerk2nd Duke of St Albans, KB, KG, (1696-1751).
7. Renee de Lenoxmistress, [1].
Gen 4.
8. Nobile Calcerano Mompalo.
9. Nobile Agata Balzano, Dame of the Holy Roman Empire.
10. Dr Giuseppe Cuschieri JUD.
11. Nobile Caterina Axiaq, married 1706.
12. Charles Beauclerk, 1st Duke of St Albans, KG, (1670-1726).
13. Lady Diana de Vere, (1679-1742), married 1694.
14. Charles Lennox1st Duke of Richmond and Lennox, KG, (1672-1723).
15. Jacqueline de Mezieres, Mistress, [1].
Gen 5.
16. Nobile Pietro Mompalao.
17. Nobile Caterina de Lorenzo.
18. Dr Massimiliano Balzano JUD, created Hereditary Knight of the Holy Roman Empire 1698.
19. Giovannella Meysionat, married 1657.
20. Nobile Gio Pietro Cuschieri.
21. Nobile Clara Cassar, married 1668.
22. Dr Lorenzo Axac Cassares JUD.
23. Nobile Giacobina de Lorenzo, married 1681.
24. King Charles II of England and Scotland, (r. 1660-1685), (1630-1685).
25. Nell Gwyn, (1650-1687), Mistress.
26. Aubrey de Vere, 20th Earl of Oxford, (1627-1703).
27. Dana Kirke, married 1672.
28. See No 24.
29. Louise de KerouailleDuchess of Portsmouth, (1649-1734), Mistress.
30. Louis-Joseph de Bourbon, Duc de Vendome, (1654-1712).
31. Jeanne de Meziere, (1660-1695), Mistresse, [1].
Gen 6.
32. Nobile Dr Pietro Mompalao JUD.
33. Nobile Claudia Castelletti, married 1605.
34. Chco Rocco de Lorenzo.
35. Grazia Apap, married 1631.
36. Pietro Balzano.
37. Agnese Rosso, married 1635.
38. Pierre, Signore de Meysionate.
39. Angelica Farrugia.
40. Nobile Damiano Cuschieri.
41. Maruzzia Seichel, married 1643.
42. N. Cassar.
44. Nobile Gio Maria Axac Cassares.
45. Caterina Xiberras, married 1646.
46. Dr Gio Antonio de Lorenzo JUD.
47. Nobile Leonora Perdicomati Bologna, married 1657.
48. King Charles I of England, (r 1625-1649), (1600-1649).
49. Princess Henrietta Maria of France, (1609-1669), married 1625.
50. Thomas Gwyn.
51. Ellen N.
52. Robert de Vere, 19th Earl of Oxford, (1627-1703).
53. Anne Bayning.
54, George Kirke, groom of the Bedchamber to King Charles II of England and Scotland.
55. N. Townshend, daughter of Aurelian Townshend, English Poet and Playwright.
56. See No 48.
57. See No 49.
58. Guillaume de Penancoet, Seigneur de Keroualle, (d. 1690).
59. Marie de Ploeuc de Timeur, (d. 1709), married 1645.
60. Louis de BourbonDuc de Vendome, (1612-1669).
61. Laura Mancini, (1636-1657).
62. Henri de Orleans- Meziere, illegitimate son of Leonor de Orleans, (d. 1622), Duc de Fronjac, Comte de St Paul and Marie de Bourbon, Duchesse de Montpensier.
63. Catherine-Francois de Bretagne de Vertus, married 1621, daughter of Claude de Bretagne, Comte de Vertus.

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