Marchese di Gnien is-Sultan, 1792.
Granted to: Dr Filippo Apap, JUD.
By: Emanuel de Rohan Polduc, Grand Master of Malta.
On: 1792 at Valletta.
British Crown recognition: 1878.
With Remainder to: "Praedictum Marchionis Pheudi Gnien Is-Sultan titulum... Tibi Magnifico Philippo Apap, tuisque descendentibus masculis legitimis et naturalibus ipsisque deficientibus, foemina majori natu,tribuimus, concedimus et donamus, ac te Marchionis hujusmodi titulo decoramus"
List of Title holders: 
1. Dr Filippo Apap,  JUD, (d. 1812), 1st Marchese, succeeded by his son.
2. Marchese Gio Antonio Apap, CMG, (d. 1845), 2nd Marchese, succeeded by his son.
3. Marchese Dr Filippo Apap LLD, (d. 1873), 3rd Marchese, succeeded by his son.
4. Marchese Felisissimo Apap Bologna, (d. 1894), 4th Marchese, succeeded by his son.
5. Marchese Paolo Nicola Apap Bologna, (d. 1955), 5th Marchese, succeeded by his grand-son.
6. Marchese John Anthony Apap Bologna, (d.1994), 6th Marchese, succeeded by his son.
HeirMarchese Dr Richard Apap Bologna MD, (1991-Marchesino di Gnien is-Sultan.
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