Ancestry Hynacinthe-Gabrielle Roland

Ancestry Hynacinthe-Gabrielle Roland
List of Ancestry Completed.
The Six Generations of Ancestors of the Hynacinthe-Gabrielle Roland, 
the ancestor of HM, Queen Elizabeth II of United Kingdom.
Online: 06-09-2021.
Gen 1:
1. Hynacinthe-Gabrielle Roland, (1760-1816), Actress and later Mistress, married 1794 London, UK to Richard Wellesley, 2nd Earl of Mornington, Marquess Wellesley, with issue. 
Gen 2:
2. Pierre Roland.
3. Hynacinthe-Elizabeth Varis, (1732-1816 Paris), married 1765 Paris, France.
Gen 3:
4. Francesco Rolando.
5. Vincenza Pelisieri, married 1722 Vallett.
6. Francesco Varios sives Varis, (moved to Paris, France).
7. Maria Xicheri sives Xicluna, married 1714 Senglea.
Gen 4:
8.  Giuseppe Rolando of Marseille, France.
9. Rosa de Fournier, married 1698 Valletta.
10. Amatore Pelisieri of Sicily.
11. Spinella de Malaspina, married 1698 Palermo, Sicily.
12. Padron Antonio Varios of Marseille, France.
13. Galizia Scuderi, married 1671 Senglea.
14. Angelo Xicheri sives Xicluna.
15. Flaminea Ellun sives Ellul, married 1677 Zebbug.
Gen 5:
16. Francis Roland of Marseille, France.
17. Giovanna N.
18. Antonio Geronimo Fournier, Sire de Fournier in France, Merchant business that settled a base in Malta trading to the Black sea
19. Maddalena Preziosi-Poussieghes, married 1672 Valletta. 
20. Giuseppe Pelisieri of Sicily
21. Colombia N. 
22. Nobile Cosmo Malaspina, (1637-1709).
23. Mistress (Unknown)
24. N. Varios. 
25. N. 
26. Francesco Scuderi of Sicily
27. Marcia Gioannella Vargas, married 1622 Vittoriosa.  
28. Antonio Xicluna.
29. Grazia Buhagiar, married 1650 Zebbug. 
30. Nobile Nicola Ellun sives Ellul.
31. Angelica Dimech, former wife of Salvatore Gatt, married 1651 Zebbug. 
Gen 6:
32. N. Rolando.
33. N. 
34. N. 
35. N. 
36. Giorgio-Benedict Fournier de Haute-Loire, France, Sire de Fournier, (d. 1672)
37. N. 
38. Captiano Antonio Maria PreziosiMerchant in the Black Sea and Sardinia, (d. 1699). 
39. Maria Cristina Poussieghes, (sister of Albano Poussieghes), married. 
40. N. Pelisieri. 
41. N. 
42. N. 
43. N. 
44. Spinetta Malaspina, Marchese d'Olivola.
45. Lady Mary Dudley, (d. 1660), (daughter of Sir Robert Dudley, (1574-1649), 1st Duca di Northumbria and Conte di Warwick in the Holy Roman Empire and Lady Douglas Sheffield).
46. N.
47. N.
48. N. 
49. N. 
50. Domenico Vargas of Italy.. 
51. Domenica Mizzi, married 1593 Vittoriosa, (daughter of Domenico Mizzi and Agata d'Armenia, Agata a daughter of Salvatore d'Armenia and Nobile Maria de Bandino, 5th Baroness de Bandino). Salvatore, is the great grandson od Etienne d'Armenia, Knight in Sis, that settled in Malta, he is the illegitimate son of King Leo VI of Armenia.
57. Domenica Calleja, married 1628 Zebbug. 
59. Nobile Caterina Vassallo, married 1629 Zebbug. 
61. Clemenza Francesca Spilotti, married 1622 Matrice Gozo.
62. Nicola Dimech. 
63. Gioannella N.



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