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(Francesco Zammit of Birkirkara., married to Anna Galea,  with issue.
1. Enrico Zammit, married at Porto Salvo,
Valletta 1762 to Saveria Galea, with issue.
1.1. Giovanni Zammit, married 1784 at Porto Salvo,
Valletta to Ursola Borg,, with issue.
1.1.1. Salvatore Zammit, married (1) 1807 Cospicua to Lorenza Vella, married (2) 1835 Cospicua to Caterina Fava, with issue. (Second Marriage) Antonio Zammit, (1841-1923) sives "Ta Bona"-First Zammit-Tabona, married 1866 at Cospicua to Giuseppina Bonavia, with issue. Concetta Zammit Tabona, (1867-), married 1885 Senglea to Salvatore Scicluna, with issue. Giuseppe Scicluna. Emanuele Scicluna. Vincenzo Scicluna. Harry Scicluna. Carmela Scicluna. Francesca Scicluna. Filippina Scicluna, married N.N. Cassar. Carmela Zammit Tabona, (1869-), married 1889 at Cospicua to Luigi Pisani., with issue. Rosina Pisani, married Joseph Bonello, with issue Mary Bonello, married Joseph Fabri. Emanuele Bonello, (Controller of the Bical Bank) Giuse Pisani Vincent Pisani Toninu Pisani, married to NN., with issue. Dr. Joseph Pisani M.D. Vincenzo Zammit Tabona, (1870-), married 1897 at
Floriana, Malta to Fortunata Formosa with issue. Joseph Zammit Tabona, (1893-1920). John Zammit Tabona, (1894-1982), married 1953 to Sally Ellul Sullivan Edgar Zammit Tabona, (1898-1980). Alfred Zammit Tabona, (1908-), married 1953 to Nobile Maria Carmela Debono, with issue. Kenneth Vincent Zammit Tabona, (1956-, 'Renowned Artist'. Godfrey Zammit Tabona, (1916-99), married (1) to Ruth Conybeare. Married (2) to Elizabeth Ann Crecy Bingham-Newland., dsp. Evelyn Zammit Tabona, (1917-), married Joseph Soler. Violet Zammit Tabona, (1919-), married Victor Critien. Paola Zammit Tabona, (1920-)., married Albert Aloisio, with issue. Lewis Aloisio. John Aloisio., married Ann Tabone, with issue. Raphael Aloisio. Michaela Aloisio. Valerie Aloisio., married Henry Tortell, with issue. Jacqueline Tortell. Malcolm Tortell. Ines Zammit Tabona, (1921-)., married Giuseppe Calascione, with issue Alfred Calascione., married Stephanie Decesare, with issue. Steven Calascione. Michelle Calascione. Amanada Calascione. Matthew Calascione. Marcelle Calascione., married Arnold Sultana, with issue. Nicky Sultana. Mark Sultana. Jackie Sultana. Margaret Calascione., married Phillip Galea Souchet, with issue. Johanna Galea Souchet. David Galea Souchet. Joseph Zammit Tabona, (1871-1942), married 1899 at Senglea to Helen Bigeni, with issue. Helen Zammit Tabona, (1900-47)., married 1922 to Albert V. Bartoli, with issue. Wilfred Bartoli, (1923-., married Jean Scott, with issue. Francesca Bartoli, (1968-. Daniel Bartoli, (1971-. Lilian Bartoli, (1924-., married Conte Anthony Miceli Farrugia, with issue. Mimici Miceli Farrugia, (1946 - 2013)., married 1970 to Francis Vassallo, with issue. Contessa Alexia Vassallo, (1972-., married 1997 to Michael Perotti, with issue. Contessa Julia Perotti, (2002-. Contessa Antonia Perotti, (2001-. Contessa Adriana Vassallo, (1974-, married to Peter Camilleri. Conte Steffan Vassallo, (1980-, married to Nicola N. Conte Mark Miceli Farrugia, (1950-., married 1978 to Josette Lapira, with issue. Conte Christopher Miceli Farrugia, (1997-. Contessa Helene Miceli Farrugia, (1955-., married 1978 to Ivor Zammit, with issue. Conte Jan Zammit, (1979-. Contessa Antonia Zammit, (1982-. Contessa Mariana Miceli Farrugia, (1959-., married Mark Hogg, with issue. Conte Andrew James Hogg, (1985-. Contessa Emma Helene Hogg, (1987-. Contessa Luisa Hogg, (1992-. Conte Alberto Miceli Farrugia, (1963-., married to Countess Ann Zammit Tabona, (See Below). Contessa Ella Susan Miceli Farrugia, (1998-. Contessa Sarah Natasha Miceli Farrugia, (2001-. Contessa Francesca Miceli Farrugia, (1964-., married 1994 to Geoffrey Warr, with issue. Conte Nicholas Warr, (1994-. Contessa Michaela Warr, (1999-. Cecil Bartoli, (1926-., married 1953 to Mary Ann Kissaun, with issue. Sandra Bartoli, (1954-., married 1978 to Henry Attard, with issue. Rachel Attard, (1980-. Katrina Attard, (1983-. Sarah Jane Attard, (1984-. Rosemary Bartoli, (1928-., married Lewis Glavina, with issue. Helen Glavina, (1956-., married NN. Eland, with issue. Daniel Glavina-Eland, (1995-. Margaret Glavina, (1958-. John Joseph Glavina, (1960-., married 1987 to Jinny Lee, with issue. Jessica Glavina, (1988-. Joseph Lewis Glavina, (1990-. Paul Glavina, (1961-, married Meenu Chandy, with issue. Alexandra Glavina, (1989-. Jordan Glavina, (1990-. Samuel Glavina, (1994-. Mark Glavina, (1964-., married Roxanne.., with issue. Arianne Teresa Glavina, (1990-. Dominique Katherine Glavina, (1995-. David Glavina, (1967-., married Nancy Enns, with issue. Henry Lewis Glavina, (2003-. Harold Bartoli, (1930-., married Natalie Vella Zarb, with issue. David Bartoli, (1956-., married 1987 to Countess Caroline Zammit Tabona, (See Below). Countess Lara Bartoli, (1989-. Count Michael Bartoli, (1990-. Countess Christina Bartoli, (1997-. Alan Bartoli, (1960-., married 1985 to Sandra Abela, with issue. George Bartoli, (1997-. Celia Bartoli, (1958-., married 1997 to Paul Lantsoght, with issue. Luke Lantsoght, (1999-. Edwina Bartoli, (1936-., married 1966 to Henry Dandria, with issue. Michele Dandria, (1966-., married 1993 to James Stagno Navarra dei Conti di Bahria e Cassandola, with issue. Sophia Michela Stagno Navarra, (2002-. John Dandria, (1968-., married 2003 to Francesca
Formosa . Nicola Dandria, (1970-., married 1995 to Michael Griscti, with issue. Francesca Katrina Griscti, (1997-. Thomas Julian Griscti, (2001-. Paula Dandria, (1972-. Gerald Bartoli, (1940-., married 1964 to Doreen Caruana, with issue. Alberto Bartoli, (1965-., married 1998 to Daniela Calleja, with issue. Aimee Bartoli, (2001-. Michael Bartoli, (2002-. Luisa Bartoli, (1967-. Alessandro Bartoli, (1972-. Edward Bartoli, (1942-2002)., married 1967 to Joan Formosa, (d. 2018), with issue. Daniela Bartoli, (1968-., with issue. Amy Casilda Bartoli, (1999-. Peter Bartoli, (1970-. Edward Bartoli, (1971-., married 1999 to Angela Mifsud, with issue. Giulia Bartoli, (2002-. Gordon Bartoli, (1973-., married 1999 to Chantalle Palmer Morewood, with issue. Alexander Bartoli, (2001-. Roderick Bartoli, (1983-. Arthur Zammit Tabona, (1901-56)., married May Atkinson, with issue. Charles Zammit Tabona, (1933-., married Yvonne Darmanin, with issue. Susan Zammit Tabona., married John Fells, with issue. Nicola Fells. Jo Fells.
Hariett Falls . Peter Zammit Tabona. Marcia Zammit Tabona., married Keith Meyer, with issue. Stephanie Meyer. Daniel Meyer. Helen Zammit Tabona, (1935-89)., married John Cilia La Corte, with issue. Mark Cilia La Corte, (1961-, married Charmaine Xuereb. Anne Cilia La Corte, (1963-88). Paul Cilia La Corte, (1966-. Neville Zammit Tabona. Edward Zammit Tabona, (1902-03), died infant. Edwin Zammit Tabona, (1904-93)., married at
Cairo , Egypt to Anne Copland, with issue. Anthony Zammit Tabona, (1937-., married Marchesa Gladys Crispo Barbaro dei Marchesi di San Giorgio, with issue. Countess Caroline Zammit Tabona, (1960-, married 1987 to David Bartoli. (See Above). Count David Zammit Tabona, (1962-., married 1989 to Mikela Cachia, with issue. Countess Rachel Zammit Tabona, (1991-.  Count Thomas Zammit Tabona, (1994-. Countess Ann Zammit Tabona, (1969-., married Alberto Miceli Farrugia, (See Above) Rodney Zammit Tabona, (1939-., married Jennifer Rutherford, with issue. Andrew Zammit Tabona, (1961-. Michael Zammit Tabona, (1963-. Alfred Zammit Tabona, (1905-1905), died infant. Mary Zammit Tabona, (1906-76)., married Joseph Debono, with issue. Victor Debono., married Mavis..., with issue. Christopher Debono. Emmanuele Debono. George Debono. Marie Louise Debono., married Richard Mifsud, with issue. Edwina Mifsud. Malcolm Mifsud. Cyril Mifsud. Anthony Zammit Tabona, (1909-91)., married 1938 at
Cairo, Egypt to Elizabeth Copland, with issue. Elizabeth Zammit Tabona, (1940-., married Charles Busuttil, with issue. Philip Busuttil, (1972-. Mark Busuttil, (1973-. Anthony Zammit Tabona, (1942-., married Angela Price (d. 2004), with issue. Xara Zammit Tabona. , married Andrew Quatermaine. Benjamin Zammit Tabona. , engaged to Lisa Urpani. Francis Zammit Tabona, (1911-)., married 1943 at Victoria, Gozo to Maria Refalo, with issue. Joseph Zammit Tabona, Maltese Ambassador to United Kingdom, (1944-., married 1969 to Susan Lee Watson , with issue. Nicola Zammit Tabona, (1970-., married 1991 to Simon Paris, with issue. Laura Paris, (1994-. Philip Paris, (1995-. Emily Paris, (1996-. Justin Zammit Tabona, (1972-. Managing Director and Owner of Xara Palace., married 2002 to Catherine Bianchi, with issue. John Zammit Tabona, (2002- Georgia Zammit Tabone, (2005-. Paul Zammit Tabone, (2008-. Richard Zammit Tabona, (1947-., married Moira Camilleri, with issue. Francesca Zammit Tabona, (1975-90). Miguel Zammit Tabona, (1976-. Andrew Zammit Tabona, (1984-. Jennifer Zammit Tabona, (1951-., married 1975 to David Soler, with issue. Thomas Soler, (1978-, married 2002 to Marla Bresett. Simon Soler, (1976-. Ethel Victoria Zammit Tabona, (1912-98)., married 1936 at Floriana, Malta to Walter Felix Fava, with issue. Carmen Helen Fava, (1937-., married 1962 to Lance Martin Redler, with issue. Alistair John Redler, (1963-., married 1986 to Judith Catherine Warrener, with issue. Joanna Victoria Redler, (1986-. Kasey Catherine Redler, (1989-. Hannah Judith Redler, (1991-. Simon Peter Redler, (1965-., married 1989 to Sandra Pullinger, with issue. Thomas Edward Redler, (1991-. Ben Alexander Redler, (1993-. Mark Adrian Redler, (1966-. Nicola Ann Redler, (1968-., married 1996 to Andrew Rae, with issue. Jessica Rae, (2000-. Alister Rae, (2002-. Anthony Fava, (1938-., married Patricia Atkinson, with issue. Paul Fava, (1967-., married Jeannette .., with issue. David Fava, (1996-. Joshua Fava. Andrew Fava, (1970-., married Catherine.., with issue. Samuel Fava, (1998-. Joseph Fava, (1996-. George Fava. Patrick Fava. Victoria Fava, (1975-. John Walter Fava, (1944-., married 1972 to Patricia Clark, with issue. Charis Fava, (1974-. Jennie Fava, (1975-. Katrina Fava, (1982-. Peter Fava, (1948-., married 1973 to Pauline Hepworth, with issue. Helen Elizabeth Fava, (1975-., married 2001 to John Bailey, with issue. Hannah Bailey, (2002-. Katie Fava, (1977-. Agnese Zammit Tabona, (1914-) Enez Zammit Tabona, (1916-1916), died infant. Dorothy Zammit Tabona, (1917-2009), dunm. Joseph Zammit Tabona, (1921-2001), married Lina Grima. Luigi Zammit Tabona, (1872-), married 1882 to Carmela Bigeni, with issue. Godfrey Zammit Tabona., married Maud Meli Bugeja, with issue. Lewis Zammit Tabona., married Theresa Milanes, with issue. Sharon Zammit Tabona., married Mark Aquilina. Sandra Zammit Tabona. Mary Ann Zammit Tabona., married George Zammit Briffa, with issue. Kevin Zammit Briffa, married Roberta Grima. Jackie Zammit Briffa, married Stephen Chetcuti. Walter Zammit Tabona, married Tessie Chetcuti. Bice Zammit Tabona, married John Calleja Schembri. Evelyn Zammit Tabona, married Joseph Azzopardi. Maurcie Zammit Tabona, married Teresa Galea, with issue. Michael Zammit Tabona, (1950-., married 1974 to Maureen Camilleri, with issue. Ruth Zammit Tabona, (1975-, married 2001 to Nobile Michael Trapani Galea Feriol, Baroncino di San Marciano. Rebecca Zammit Tabona, (1978-. Sara Zammit Tabona, (1980-. Adrian Zammit Tabona., married Rachel Pace, with issue. Jordan Zammit Tabona. Yasmin Zammit Tabona. Julian Zammit Tabona., married Veronica Arrigo, with issue. Francesca Zammit Tabona. Edward Zammit Tabona. Anne Zammit Tabona., married Francis Tabone, with issue. Michaela Tabone. Mark Tabone. Carol Zammit Tabona., married Jean Marc Bianchi, with issue. Symira Bianchi. Amelia Bianchi. Sebastien Bianchi. Antonia Zammit Tabona, (1874-), married 1916 at Floriana, Malta to Giuseppe Muscat. Francesco Zammit Tabona, (1876-), married 1914 at Floriana, Malta to Rosina Farrugia, with issue. Evelyn Zammit Tabona, (1917-2016), dunm. Mary Zammit Tabona. Maria Rosa Zammit Tabona, (1878-), married 1919 at Floriana, Malta to Giuseppe Bonello. Salvatore Zammit Tabona, (1880-1956). Emmanuele Zammit Tabona, (1886-1953)., married 1913 at Floriana Malta to Adelina Lepre, with issue. Joseph Zammit Tabona, (1914-1914), died infant. Victor Zammit Tabona, (1916-2000)., married 1942 to Marcelle Galanopoulo, with issue. Anne Marie Zammit Tabona, (1944-., married 1970 to Michael Cummings, with issue. Adrian Cummings, (1974-, married to Caroline Williams with issue. Matthew Cummings, (2009-. Dnaiel Cummings, (2013-. Sarah Cummings., (1976-, married 1999 to Julien Hember, with issue. Jake Hember, (2007-. Chloe Hember, (2009-. Robert Cummings, (1982-, married 2013 to Nichola Harris, with issue. Hudson Cummings, (2014-. Simone Zammit Tabona, (1947-., married 1982 to Dev Ray, with issue. Nikhil Ray, (1985-. Kolyan Ray, (1987-. Michael Zammit Tabona, (1950-2015)., married 1978 to Christine Whittit, with issue. Robin Zammit Tabona, (1980-, married 2016 to Rosa Cabanas Cazares. Jonathan Zammit Tabona, (1983-. Oliver Zammit Tabona, (1987-. Lewis Zammit Tabona, (1917-), married Joan Rutter Giappone, with issue. Victor Zammit Tabona., married Anne van der Burgh, with issue. Andrew Zammit Tabona. Nick Zammit Tabona. Joseph Zammit Tabona., married Sarah Mann, with issue. Benjamin Zammit Tabona. Hannah Zammit Tabona. Thomas Zammit Tabona. Mia Zammit Tabona. Mary Zammit Tabona, (1919-20), died infant. Doris Zammit Tabona, (1920-98), married 1944 to Joseph Cremona. Evelyn Zammit Tabona, (1922-58)., married Ronald Cameron Tulloch, with issue. Malcolm Cameron Tulloch, (1951-. Christopher Tulloch, (1954-93). Inez Zammit Tabona, (1923-2003). Lilian Zammit Tabona, (1925-), married 1946 to Lt Col Alexander Stewart OBE, (d. 2017), with issue. Diana Stewart, (1947-., married 1971 to Michael de Bromhead (d. 2006), with issue. Patrick de Bromhead, (1973-., married 2001 to Helen Kent, with issue. Niamh de Bromhead, (2002-. Harry de Bromhead, (2004-. Nicola de Bromhead, (1980-, married 2006 to Alex Duggan, with issue. Seren Duggan, (2007-. Edan Duggan, (2007-. Elizabeth-Anne Stewart, (1951-., married 1973 to James A. Vanek, with issue. Peter Vanek, (1976-. Alexia Vanek, (1978-, married (Div) to Kam Grant, with issue. Vance Grant, (2004-, married 2016 to Jason Neubauer. Patricia Stewart, (1956-., married 1978 to Roger Ellul Micallef, with issue. Robert Ellul Micallef, (1980-. Michelle Ellul Micallef, (1985-, married 2011 to Steven Caruana, with issue. Charlotte Caruana, (2017-. Anne Stewart, (1961-., married 1986 to Godfrey Vella Bonello, with issue. Stuart Vella Bonello, (1988-, married 2011 to Mariangela Cuschieri, with issue. Carolina Vella Bonello, (2012-. Xavier Vella Bonello, (2015-. Valentina Vella Bonello, (2017-. Alan Vella Bonello, (1990-. Ryan Vella Bonello, (1992-. Joseph Zammit Tabona, (1928-), married May Azzopardi, with issue. John Zammit Tabona, (1954-88)., married 1980 to Anna Farrugia, with issue. Andrea Zammit Tabona, (1983-. Raffaella Zammit Tabona, (1980-. Filippo Zammit, married 1856 Gudja to Caterina Zammit (d/o Giuseppe and Caterina Zammit).

1.1.2. Grazia Zammit, married 1805 Gudja to Aloiseo Farrugia.

1.1.3. Vincenzo Zammit, married 1836 Rabat Gozo to Marianna Formosa.

1.2. Vincenzo Zammit., married 1788 Valletta to Caterina dei Principi Sayd., with issue.

1.2.1. Maria Zammit., married 1819 to Giuseppe Farrugia.

1.2.2. Saveria Zammit., married 1825 to Vincenzo Micallef.

1.3. Felice Zammit., married (1) 1803 Valletta to Saveria Cassar., married (2) 1814 Valetta to Caterina Galea., with issue.

1.3.1. (First Marriage) Emmanuela Zammit., married 1826 to Laureto Mizzi (Ignoto).

1.4. Calcedonio Zammit, married 1802 Senglea to Aloisea Riscari.

1.5. Ferdinando Zammit, 1801 Senglea to Maddalena de Messina.

1.6. Francesco Zammit, maried 1792 Valletta to Giuseppa Micallef, with issue.

1.6.1. Saverio Zammit, married 1814 Valletta to Giuseppa Grech.

1.6.2. Teresa Zammit, maried 1826 Valletta to Giovanni Obuglien, with issue. Caterina Obuglien, (1828 Valletta - 1890 Ragusa, Austria), married 1843 Ragusa to Giovanni Moretti, with issue. Vincenza Francesca Obuglien, (1830 Valletta - 1878 Ragusa, Austria), married 1854 Ragusa to Marino Rella, with issue. Biagio Obuglien, (1837 Ragusa, Austria -).

2. Filippo Zammit, married 1765 Valletta to Anna Maria Falzon.

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