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Constantine Greco, married 1584 Attard to Nobile Grazia dell'Aquila dei Signore di Riardo (See Below), with issue.
1. Domenico Grech, married 1605 Mdina to Margherita Galea (d/o Giovanni), with issue.
1.1. Giovanni Grech, married 1637 Lija to Imperia Buhagiar, with issue.
1.1.1. Pietro Grech, married 1675 Ghargur to Grazia Grech, with issue. Giuseppe Grech,  married (1) 1706 Mosta to Grazia Grech, married (2) 1725 Mosta to Nobile Antonia Cuzkeri Testaferrata, with issue (First Marriage) Giacomo Grech, married 1742 Valletta to Teresa Cuschieri (d/o Orazio), with issue. Anna Grech, married 1778 Lija to Michele Portelli. Salvatore Grech, married 1743 Birkirkara to Maria Sammut, with issue. Rosaria Grech, married 1770 Lija to Michele Angelo Cutajar. Grazia Grech, married 1771 Lija to Giuseppe Briffa. Beatrice Grech, married 1775 Valletta to Giorgio Flamingo. (Second Marriage) Nobile Pietro Grech Testaferrata,  married (1) 1761 to Maria Muscat, Married (2) 1786 to Anna Grima, with issues (First Marriage) Nobile Giuseppe Grech Testaferrara, married 1793 to Anna Camilleri, with issue Nobile Nicholas Grech Testaferrata, married 1814 Mosta to Gratzia Grima, with issue Nobile Anne Grech Testaferrata, married 1852 Mosta to Philip dei Baroni Abela (See Below), with issue Nobile Theresia dei Baroni Abela, married 1881 to Nobile Giovanni Maria Vassallo, 16th Barone di Bauvso, with issue. Giuseppe Grech, married 1839 Mosta to Maria Quattromani. Salvatore Grech, married (1) 1855 Mosta to Vincenza Muscat, married (2) 1859 Mosta to Anna Borg. Mro Calcedonio Grech, (Migrated to Algeria, then to France), British Consul in Algeria, married to Margherite Mizzi, with issue. Louis Gregh, (1843-1915), Composer, Musician publisher, married to Charlotte Elisa Bonnard, with issue. Fernard Gregh, (1873-1960), Poet and Literary Critic, married to Harlette Flore Hayem, with issue. Genevieve Gregh, (1906-1973), married to Maurice Druon. Annunziato Grech, married 1827 Valletta to Grazia Refalo. Francesco Grech, married 1819 Mosta to Anna Magro. Grace Grech, married 1784 to Giovanni Maria dei Baroni Abela, with issue. Giuseppe dei Baroni Abela, married 1816 to Theresia Dimech, with issue Philip dei Baroni Abela, married 1852 to Anne Grech. (See Above) (Second Marriage) Calcedonio Grech, married 1825 to Maria Debono, with issue Anna Grech, married 1855 to Nobile Gio Maria Vassallo, with issue. Maria Grech Testaferrata, married (1) 1769 Valletta to Giuseppe Camilleri, married (2) 1778 Lija to Paolo Bonello. Margherita Grech Testaferrata, married 1765 Lija to Benedetto Vella. Agostina Grech Testaferrata, married 1746 Valletta to Giovanni Pace. Tomaso Grech, married 1714 Mosta to Maria Chetcuti. Caterina Grech, married 1720 Mosta to Gio Maria Portelli. Maria Grech married 1734 Mosta to Giuseppe Cuzkeri Testaferrata.

1.1.2. Mario Grech, married 1665 Mosta to Grazia Zarb.

1.1.3. Valerio Grech, married 1677 Mosta to Caterina Borg.

1.1.4. Ignazio Grech, married 1710 Lija to Agostina Vella.

1.2. Matteolo Grech of Zebbug, Merchant., married 1631 Valletta to Speranza Borg, with issue.

1.2.1. Notary Francesco Grech, married Valenzia Muscat, with issue. Pietro Paolo Grech, Canon of the Cathedral of Mdina., dunm. Serafina Grech, 'nun'. Crosifipa Grech, 'Nun'. Dr. Fabrizio Grech JUD, married Giuseppina Hellul, with issue. Antonia Grech. Teodoro Grech, Canon and Lieutenant of Pellerano, dunm 1775. Margarita Grech. Candida Grech, dunm. Maria Teresa Grech, married 1745 to Count Nicola Perdicomati Bologna of Catena. Don Gaetano Grech, Canon, dunm. Luigi Grech, dunm. Paolo Grech, dunm 1789. (Released Slave of Dr Giuseppe Fabrizio Grech JUD) Maria di Grech., married 1769 at Porto Salvo Valletta to Giuseppe Cardona. (His parents were Gio Maria and Grazia from the Parish of San Poalo, Valletta). Chiara Grech, married 1739 to Gaspare de Fiore. Antonia Grech.
1.2.2. Filippo Grech, Abbott, dunm.
1.2.3. Dr. Arcangelo Grech JUD, married 1651 to Carmine Olcyni, dsp.
1.2.4. Notary Gio Leonardo Grech, married 1663 Senglea to Nobile Eufemia Cumbo, with issue. Gioacchino Grech, Priest, dunm. Giovanni Andrea Grech, Priest, dunm. Gio Franco Grech Cumbo,  married 1700 Zebbug to Evangelista Barbara, with issue. Speranza Grech Cumbo., married (1) 1735 to Magnico. Giuseppe Gatt., married (2) 1744 to Notary Michael Angelo Darmanino. Maria Eufemia Grech Cumbo., married 1734 to Chco. Felice Antonio Darmanin. Giulia Grech Cumbo. Dr. Gio Leonardo Grech Cumbo JUD, married Caterina Corasier-Azzopardi., with issue. Aloisea Grech Cumbo., married 1773 Valletta to Not Giuseppe Grillet-Sceberras. Alessandro Grech Cumbo., married Maria de Mauro., with issue. Giuseppe Grech Cumbo., married Maria Teresa Giardello., with issue. Filippo Grech Cumbo., married 1830 to Angela Suter. Salvatore Grech Cumbo, married 1833 Cospicua to Maria Concetta Marmara, with issue. Vincenzo Grech Cumbo, married 1875 Valletta to Maria Carmela Azzopardi, with issue. Ciro Grech Cumbo, (1876-1926)., married 1904 Valletta to Mary Zammit, with issue. Albert Grech Cumbo, (1905-80), Emigrated to the USA, married to Lucille NN, dsp. Edgar Grech Cumbo, Emigrated to the USA, married to Helen NN, with issue. Inez Grech Cumbo, (1907-73), married 1925 to Wiliam Felice, with issue. Joseph Grech Cumbo, (1912-95), married 1937 to Melita Saetta, with issue. Edwin Grech Cumbo. Neville Grech Cumbo. Glydes Grech Cumbo. Adrian Grech Cumbo. George Grech Cumbo, (1919-86), married 1944 Sliema  to Jeanne Warrington, (d. 2018), with issue. Rita Grech Cumbo, married to Anton Enriquez. Raymond Grech Cumbo, married to Rita N. Claire Grech Cumbo, married to David Gauci. Monika Grech Cumbo, married to Joseph Dalmas. Lina Grech Cumbo, (1921-., married 1945 to Paul Pellegrini Petit, (d. 2016), with issue. Miriam Pellegrini Petit. Cecilia Pellegrini Petit. Edward Pellegrini Petit. Lucienne Pellegrini Petit. Arianne Pellegrini Petit. Helen Grech Cumbo, (1923-2000), married 1946 Sliema to Dr Fortunato Mizzi LLD. Maria Mizzi, (1947-, married 1972 to Noel Curmi. Angele Mizzi, (1948-, married 1972 to Joe Libreri. Victoria Mizzi, (1950-, married 1974 to John Agius. Rosanne Mizzi, (1956-, married 1991 to Martin Mueller. Teresa Grech Cumbo. Giovanni Grech Cumbo, SJ, dunm 1960 in India. Paolo Grech Cumbo, SJ, dunm 1954 in Philippines. Publius Grech Cumbo, died 1964. Attilio Grech Cumbo, died 1935. Giuseppe Grech Cumbo, died 1892. d.inf. Salvatore Grech Cumbo, died 1902. d.inf. Giuseppe Grech Cumbo, died 1895. d.inf. Giovanni Grech Cumbo, married 1863 Valletta to Teresa Vella. Teresa Grech Cumbo, married 1863 to Angelo Croce Schembri. Alessandro Grech Cumbo, (1825-), married to Giuseppina N, with issue. Giuseppe Grech Cumbo, (1845-), married to Giuseppina Gatt, with issue. Eduardo Grech Cumbo, (1867-). Antoinetta Grech Cumbo, (1868-). Ettore Grech Cumbo, (1870-), married to Adelina Valenti Pavia, with issue. Armando Grech Cumbo, (1892-1947 Cairo, Egypt), married to Tosca Susini, with issue. Ulrico Grech Cumbo, (1922-1945), dunm. Rolando Grech Cumbo, (1924 Livorno, Italy - ), married 1954 Johannesburg, South Africa to Wanda Madelina Maraschin, with issue. Aurelio Grech Cumbo, (1954 Johannesburg, SA-), marreid 1977 to Miriam Eve Guenther, with issue. Nicolas Grech Cumbo, (1978-. Gina Teresa Grech Cumbo, (1980-. Michele Grech Cumbo, (1987-. Ruggero Antonio Grech Cumbo, (1954-), married 1982 to Carole Ida Waurick, with issue. Ulrico Grech Cumbo, (1984-. Daniela Grech Cumbo, (1987-. Lucia Romana Grech Cumbo, (1927 Egypt -), married to Arduino Maraschin, with issue. Flavio Maraschin, (1952-, married to Liliana Marconi, with issue. Nicoletta Maraschin, (1990-. Francesca Maraschin, (1993-. Guido Maraschin, (1955-1998), married to Loredana Delia Cesarina, with issue. Gabriele Maraschin, (1982-. Michele Maraschin, (1984-. Simona Maraschin, (1984-. Alessandra Maraschin, (1991-. Enrico Maraschin, (1963-, married 1987 to Robin Anne Nash, with issue. Luca Maraschin, (1992-. Giulia Maraschin, (1994-. Edda Giorgia Grech Cumbo, (1929 Egypt -), married 1958 to Renzo Guerino Maraschin, with issue. Manuela Maraschin, (1959-, married 1981 to Desmond Andrew Arthur, with issue. Sean Andrew Arthur, (1982-. Laura Arthur, (1984-. Adrian Young Arthur, (1994-. Marina Maraschin, (1962-, married 1986 to Derick Gruenewald, with issue. Tosca Dina Gruenewald, (1988-. Andrew Aluenus Gruenewald, (1991-. Armando Maraschin, (1965-, married 1992 to Maria Veronica Jerman, with issue. Lorena Chiara Maraschin, (2001-. Giuliano Antonio Maraschin, (2003-. Sabrina Maraschin, (1970-, married 1998 to Craig Zerbst, with issue. Daniel Zerbst, (2001-. Silvana Maraschin, (1972-. Balduino Grech Cumbo, (1884-), married to Olga Subutich, with issue. Raymond Grech Cumbo, (1927-), married to Rina N. Livio Grech Cumbo, (1930-), married to Jennifer N. Clodomiro Grech Cumbo, (1896-), married to Nebia Guglielmi, with issue. Ugo Grech Cumbo, (1927-. Dorotea Grech Cumbo, (1900-. Elda Grech Cumbo, (1900-, married to Bedros Tutundjian, with issue. Dicran Tutundijian, (1933-, married to Marthe Poirier, with issue. Pierre Frederic Tutundijian, (1967-. Roupen Tutundijian, (1937-, married 1963 to Anne Marie Provost, with issue. Monica Tutundijian, (1964-, married 1986 in Belgium to Fabrice Leblanc, with issue. Stephanie Leblanc, (1987-. Sabrina Leblanc, (1988-. Olivier Leblanc, (1991-. Anne Sophie Leblanc, (1998-. Graziella Tutundijian, (1968-, married 1997 to Serge Thiry, with issue. Elodie Thiry. Serge Tutundijian, (1969-. Elena Grech Cumbo, (1875-)., married to Alessandro Barsanti. Clementina Grech Cumbo, (1877-), married to Giovanni Busuttil. Fortunata Grech Cumbo, married 1830 Cospicua to Vincenzo Monju. Dr Arcangelo Grech Cumbo JUD,  married (1) 1746 Valletta  to Teresa Delicata, married (2) Valletta 1758 to Columba Lombardo., married (3) 1767 Valletta  to Anna Bencini., ., with issue. (First Marriage) Giovanni Carlo Grech Delicata, married 1778 Matrice Gozo to Teresa Busuttil., with issue. Felice Grech Delicata, married 1806 Matrice Gozo to Nobile Rosa Grognett de Vasse, with issue. Dr Gio Carlo Grech Delicata JUD. Dr Bartolomeo Grech Delicata JUD, married 1818 to MarchesaAnnunicata Testaferrata, with issue. Maria Teresa Grech Delicata, married 1840 to Gius Maria Debono, (s/o Emmanuele and Gaetana Scerri), with issue. Filomena Debono, married 1879 to Conte Emanuele Sant Fournier. Dr Giuseppe Grech-Delicata, dsp
Rev. Mgr Don Antonio Grech-Delicata, Bishop of Gozo r. 1867-77. Rev. Mgr Don Salvatore Grech-Delicata,
Baroncino di Budaq Nominated by the 5th Baroness di Budaq. dunm Francesco Grech Delicata, married to Contessa Ursula dei Conti Teuma Castelletti, with issue. Taumaturga Grech-Delicata Gio Carlo Grech-Delicata Marianna Grech-Delicata, married Gaetano Calleja Ferdinand Grech-Delicata, married Carmela Scifo Antonio Grech-Delicata Caterina Grech-Delicata, (issue with Benjamino Alunno sives Spiteri), with issue (Cardinal Grech Line). Calcedonio Grech-Delicata Carmelo Grech-Delicata Magno. Don Lorenzo Grech-Delicata, (d. 1868)., dunm. Arcangelo Grech Delicata, married 1812 Valletta to Rosa Agius, with issue. Arcangela Grech Delicata, (1812 -), married (Contract) 1830 Valletta to Tomaso Agius. Baldassare Grech, Jesuit, dunm. Anna Grech, married Dr. Gio Luca Pace JUD.

1.3. Salvatore Grech, married 1659 Mdina to Valenza Xerri.

1.4. Michele Grech, married 1641 Curmi to Gioannella Calleja.

1.5. Vittorio Grech, married 1643 Mdina to Maria di Marzo.

1.6. Giuseppe Grech, married 1659 Curmi to Gioannella de Brincat.

2. Giovanni Grech,  married 1603 Valletta to Nobile Leonora de La Cassiera (a relative of the Grand Master Jean de la Cassiera), with issue.

2.1. Luca Grech de La Cassiera, married 1620 Birgu to Gerolama "sives" Antoinette Castriota, with issue.
2.1.1. Bernardo Grech de La Cassiera, married 1651 to Speranza Sceberras, with issue. Antonio Grech de La Cassiera, married 1681 to Anna Maria Frendo, with issue. Luca Grech de La Cassiera, married 1730 to Grazia Bartolo, with issue. Gio Maria Grech de La Cassiera, married 1771 to Grazia Zammit, with issue. Salvatore Grech de La Cassiera, married 1815 to Rosa Sammut Castelletti, with issue. Quatuae Grech Castelletti, married 1845 to Giuseppe Sammut. Maria Grech de la Cassiera, married 1800 Mosta to Giuseppe Dimech. Lorenza Grech de la Cassiera, married (1)  1769 Ghaxaq to Michele Xicluna, married (2) 1792 Ghaxaq to Salvatore Cassar. Ignazio Grech de la Cassiera, married 1729 Ghaxaq to Teresa Caruana. Gaspare Grech de la Cassiera, married 1675 Birkirkara to Bartolomea Micallef.

2.1.2. Marco Grech de la Cassiera, married 1660 Birkirkara to Margherita N.

3. Constantino Grech, married 1603 Kirkop to Valenza Mangion, with issue.

3.1. Mario Grech, married 1642 Cospicua to Veronica di Giovanni, with issue.

3.1.1. Angelo Grech, married 1674 Cospicua to Lorenzia Geronima Olivier, with issue. Pasquale Grech Olivier, married 1698 Birkirkara to Sapienza Speranza Tonna, with issue. Maria Grech Olivier, married 1725 Valletta to Giovanni Mizzi, with issue. Antonio Mizzi, married 1764 Cospicua to Giovanna Galea, with issue. Elia Mizzi, married 1803 Valletta to Nobile Fortunata Ubaldesca Vassallo, with issue. Carmela Mizzi, married 1827 Valletta to Conte Vincenzo Psaila. Antonio Mizzi, married 1827 Valletta to Contessa Gaetana Psaila.


Dell'Aquila family.


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1. Cristoforo Gaetano dell'Aquila, 5th Conte di Fondi, married to Isabella de Pizzutis, with issue.

1.1. Giacomo Gaetano dell'Aquila, 2nd Conte di Morcone, Signore di Piedmonte 1437, with illegitimate issue.

1.1.1. Bernardo dell'Aquila, Signore di Riardo, longano, Rocca Magnoli, and San Massimo, married to Roberta Toraldo, with issue. Camillo dell'Aquila, Signore di Riardo, (d. 1528), married to Camilla Mansora, with issue. Cristoforo dell'Aquila dei Signori di Riardo, married to Giulia Cicinelli, with issue. Grazia dell'Aquila, married 1584 Attard Malta to Constantino Greco. (See above)..


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