"Counts Wzzini Paleologo and Counts Ciantar Paleologo"

(including explanation of circumstances of a title deemed to have been created in 1722, not 1711, by Grand Master Zondadari, not Pope Clement XI)

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Eastern Roman Empire Ancestry


* Principe Giorgio Paleologo, 'Settled in Malta from Sicily on 12-2-1589'., married 1602 to Donna Lucia Sayd, (daughter of Don. Giam-Piero Sayd and Marguerite Borg)
with issue

1. Princessa Maria Paleologo, married to Filippo Staffragi, with issue
1.1. Caterina Staffragi, married to Michele Wizzini, with issue
1.1.1. Pietro Wizzini-Paleologo, married (1) 1625 to Lorenza Tonna, married (2) 1638 Vittoriosa to Clarissa Calavson, with issue (First marriage) Paolo Wizzini-Paleologo - See Below. Maddalena Wizzini, married 1664 Senglea to Ignazio Gili. Caterina Wizzini, married 1642 Vittoriosa to Michele Fontani. (issue from Domenica N), Francesca Wizzini, married (1) to Antonio Micallef, married (2) 1676 Valletta to Carlo de Marco.
1.1.2. Marino Wizzini, married 1636 to
Margharita Ghaxaq, with issue Cleria Wizzini, married 1659 to Baldassare Farrugia, with issue. Agostino Wizzini, married to Caterina N, with issue. Maria Wizzini, married 1733 Valletta to Giovanni Busietta. Mro Tommaso Wizzini, married to Celidonia Wizzini (see below), with issue. Marianna Wizzini,  married 1676 Valletta to Antonio Giuseppe Belli.
1.1.3. Blasio Wizzini
1.1.4. Filippo Wizzini
1.1.5. Antonio Wizzini, married Caterina..., with issue Francesco Wizzino, married 1659 to
Anna Maria Bonici, with issue. Gio Batta Wizzini, migrated to Livorno and returned, married in Livorno to Francesca N, with issue. Giuseppe Wizzini, married 1727 Valletta to Clara Vella. Antonio Wizzini, married to Maria N, with issue. Stefano Wizzini, married 1744 Valletta to Antonia Cannolo, with issue. Aloisea Wizzini, married 1773 Valletta to Giuseppe de Celis, with issue. Pietro de Celis, married 1802 Valletta to Giovanna Lanfranco. Claudio Wizzini, married 1777 Valletta to Liberata Valenza, with issue. Maria Antonia Wizzini, married 1811 Valletta to Salvatore Xicluna. Antonio Wizzini, married to Anna Ballio, with issue. Giuseppe Wizzini, married 1774 Valletta to Francesca Fenech, with issue. Antonio Wizzini, married 1796 Senglea to Rosa Sapiano. Pasquale Wizzini, married 1802 Senglea to Pasquale Caracelli. Angela Wizzini, married 1779 Senglea to Ignazio Giusti. Maddalena Wizzini, married 1680 Vittoriosa to Basileo Palumbo. Francesco Wizzini, married to Ventura N, with issue. Maria Wizzini, married 1758 Valletta to Arcangelo Caruana. Veronica Wizzini, married 1690 Vittoriosa to Gio Nicola Desira. Gio Domenico Wizzini, married 1691 Lija to Vittoria Agius. Margherita Wizzini, married 1702 Valletta to Giuseppe Bonello. Anna Wizzini, married 1687 to Silvestrino Saliba, with issue Sapienza Wizzini, married 1661 to
Mallioto Fiteni, with issue (See Extinct Titles-Fiteni).

1.1.6. Marietta Wizzini, married NN Gatto, with issue. Elisabetta Gatto Wizzini, married to Antonino Grungo.

1.2. N.N. Staffragi, with issue.
1.2.1. Giacoma Staffragi, married 1647 to
Andrea Bianco, with issue Giuseppe Bianco, married 1680 to Generosa Schembri, with issue Alonso Bianco, married 1712 to Maria Bonavia, with issue Giuseppe Bianco, married 1727 to Mattiola Caruana, with issue Maria Bianco, married 1768 to Gio Maria Calleja, with issue Antonio Calleja Caterina Calleja Anna Bianco, married Francesco Agius, with issue Eufemia Bianco, married Salvatore de Brincat, with issue Maria Bianco, married 1683 to Battista Torrou, with issue.

2. Papas Emanuele Paleologo, (Greek Priest of Our Lady of Damascus in Valletta from 1668-1691), dunm.

3. Sr Lucia Paleologo, dunm.

4. Maria Antonia Paleologo, d.inf.

5. Gio Giorgio Paleologo, (d. 1634), dunm.



* Paolo Wizzini Paleologo, Married 1673 to Eufemia Vella, with issue

1. Ignazio Francesco Wizzini-Paleologo, 1st Count-See Below.
2. Rev. Luigi Maria Wizzini, (1676-1717), dunm.
3. Fr. Francesco Wizzini, (1678-1767), dunm.


* Ignazio Francesco Wizzini Paleologo, (1674-1744), 1st Conte Wzzini Paleologo (Cr:1711 (??) by Pope Clement XI (??)), (Press Here for ancestry);  Married 1694 to Generosa Vella Abela dei Baroni di San Giovanni, with issue

1. Contessa Maria Teodora Wizzini Paleologo, 2nd Countess-See Below.

2. Contessa Alessandra Wizzini, (1700-47), married 1721 to Luigi Preziosi.

3. Contessa Francesca Wizzini, (1704-56), married 1735 to Carlo Viani.

4. Contessa Caterina Wizzini, married 1732 Valletta to Gerolamo Grungo.

5. (illegitimate) Capitano Stefano Wizzini of a Sicilian Merchant fleet, married 1747 to Antonia N of Sicily, with issue.

5.1. Aloisea Wizzini, married 1773 Valletta to Giuseppe Decelis, with issue.

5.1.1. Pietro Decelis, married 1802 Valletta to Giovanna Lanfranco, with issue. Emmanuele Decelis, married 1850 Valletta to Saveria Azzopardi. Fra. Francesco Decelis, 'Monk'. Orsola Decelis, 'Nun'.

5.1.2. Fra. Ignazio Francesco Decelis Wizzini, 'Monk., dunm.

5.2. Fra. Ignazio Wizzini, 'Monk', dunm.

5.3. Fra Samuele Wizzini, 'Monk', dunm.

5.4. Eufemia Wizzini, 'Nun', dunm.

6. (illegitimate) Capitano Antonio Wizzini of a Sicilian merchant fleet, married to Andrianna N of Sicily, with issue.

6.1. Maria Wizzini, married (1) 1750 Birkirkara to Antonio Coleiro, married (2) 1785 Birkirkara to Paolo Camilleri.

6.2. Giuseppe Wizzini, married to Lorenza Zammit, with issue.

6.2.1. Maria Wizzini, married 1815 Birkirkara to Felice Attard.

6.2.2. Andrianna Wizzini, married 1814 Birkirkara to Giovanni Cutajar, with issue. Elena Cutajar, married 1841 Birkirkara to Antonio Magro Borg. Francesca Cutajar, married 1835 Birkirkara to Gaetano Xiberras. Marianna Cutajar, married 1840 Birkirkara to Michele Borg.


Footnote: Published sources show this title of Conte enjoyed by the family Wzzini Paleologo as having been granted by Pope Clement XI on the 8 November 1711 and enjoying precedence in Malta with effect from 1722. This is not the case and does no justice to the conjectural exercise carried out by the 1878 Commissioners who in upholding this title, could not point out how, when and in whose favour it originated and, moreover, they stated that thee was no proof that this family was in possession of the title of Conte prior to the year 1722!.

In this case, no grant relative to the title in question appears to have been registered in the Cancelleria of the Order. This title was examined as one of many other titles described in the Section of the report headed  Titles granted by foreign sovereigns during the Government of the Order of the Knights of Malta (See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) (See Report Paras. 192-198). Moreover, the Commissioners arriving at their decision allowing this claim, attested that there was no proof of the title existing at any time before 1722.  In view of the fact that the earliest reference of this title is found in a letter dated 1722 of Grand Master Zondadari to Ignazio Wzzini, it follows that this title is for all intents considered as one that originated in Malta, even though it was considered by the Commissioners under the section dedicated to foreign titles.

In regard to remainder of this title, it would appear on the basis of the Commissioners observations, that the title may be transmitted to male descendants descending through a female line by regular primogeniture. In fact the report observed that the title originally made out in favour of Wzzini was eventually succeeded to by the Ciantar Paleologo family whilst that cadets of that family are only entitled to the designation dei Conti (ex Comitibus).



* Maria Teodora Wizzini Paleologo, (1696-1778), 2nd Contessa Wzzini Paleologo, Married to Count Gio Antonio Ciantar, (Created in 1739 in Portugal, and 1745 in France.), Patrican of Rome 1744, (Press Here for ancestry) (Also press here for Ciantar).

1. Contessa Bellarmina Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizia Roma, married Count Baldassare Fenech Bonici, with issue. -See Extinct Titles. .
2. Conte Giorgio Serafino Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizio Roma,, 3rd Conte--See Below. .

3. ConteLuigi Ciantar Paleologo, 2nd Conte Ciantar. (Note: According to the Will of Count Gio Antonio Ciantar, Luigi inherited the Conte Title), married 1780 to Maria Teresa Vella Castiglione, with issue
3.1. Contessa Anne dei Conti Cianter Paleologo, Patrizia Roma, married 18-3-1805 to Nobile Guiseppe Milanesi Santoro (Born in Messina 1782)
3.1.1. Nobile Luigi Milanesi dei Conti Ciantar Paleologo LLD (b 1811), married 5 Nov 1844 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Giuditta Riccardi Amodeo Nobile Guiseppe Milanesi (b 6-3-1849 in Valletta), married at Naxxar 5-10-1875 to
Annetta Amato Nobile Maria Milanesi (b 6-8-1877 in Naxxar), married 12-4-1899 at Naxxar to
Enrico Parlato Alice Parlato (b 8-11-1905), married in 1925 at St Ignatius Jesuit College Chapel to Cecil J. Camilleri
Raphael J. Camilleri (b 25-4-1929 in Malta), married 1-2-1959 to Virginia Maria Camilleri Nicholas C. Camilleri (b 8-11-1959), married to
Margarita Andreyovna Knipper Savitskaya., with issue. Damien Constantine Camilleri Savitsky, (2002-. Francesca Alica Camilleri (b 2-4-1962, married 1988 to Tonio Cremona, married (2) 10 May 2000 to Steve Greene Maximilian Alexander Cremona (b 11-7-1991) Monica Gilbert (b 8-8-1933) John. C Camilleri (b 6-11-1927) Marie Therese Debono (b 2-3-1932) Anthony A. Camilleri (b 9-6-1930) Magda Camilleri (b 23-8-1947- 15-04-2015), dunm. Christine Bugeja (b 17-8-1947) Evelyn Parlato, married 1924
Capt Reginald Cassar Torreggiani Elisabeth Cassar Torreggiani (b 1939), married
Marquis John Apap Bologna., with issue. (See Maltese titles under Gnien is-Sultan) Mabel Parlato ( Missionary in the Far East) Marie Louise Bonello (Wife of George Bonello MBE) Lucia Parlato Concetta Aubrey (wife of Cmdr. Philip Aubrey MBE) Nobile Dr Gioacchino Milanesi LLD., dunm. Nobile Dr. Riccardo Milanesi LLD., dunm. Nobile Julia Milanesi., dunm. Nobile Rev. Monsignor Salvatore Milanesi., dunm.
3.1.2. Nobile Concetta Milanesi dei Conti Ciantar Paleologo , married Antonio Gatt Testaferrata Olivier.
3.1.3. Nobile Teresa Milanesi dei Conti Ciantar Paleologo, married Cav. Nicola dei Marchese de Torres Carafa, dsp.

3.1.4. Nobile Antonio Milanesi., dunm.

3.1.5. Nobile Letterio Milanesi, married to N. Tortell.

3.1.6. Nobile Filippo Milianesi, dunm.

3.2. Conte Salvatore Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizio Roma,, died 1846. 3rd Conte Ciantar, (See Note above), Married Firstly to Fortunata Brun, and dsp. Secondly 1831 to Vincenza Preziosi,, with issue - Press Here.

4. Contessa Aloisea Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizia Roma, married 1785 to Simone Barbaro dei Marchesi di San Giorgio.

5. Contessa Francesca Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizia Roma, married 1789 to Christo Pisani

Footnote: It does not appear from a reading of the 1878 Commissioner's report, that the Commissioners were asked to consider the other title of Conte claimed under Gio Antonio Ciantar (viv. 1739) . The Commissioners only considered the title of Conte enjoyed by the family Wzzini Paleologo.



* Giorgio Serafino Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizio Roma, (1718-98), 3rd Conte Wzzini Paleologo, 1st Baron of San Giovanni, Conte Ciantar (Cr:1777-See Title), Married 1756 to Elena Moneta Vella, with issue

1. Conte Giuseppe Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizio Roma, 'Capitano del Reggimento Falconiere" died unm 1788.
2. Conte Fr. Pietro Paolo Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizio Roma, "Cappellano", died unm. 1789.
3. Conte Antonio Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizio Roma, "Cadetto nel Reggemento", dunm 1781.
4. Conte Giovanni Antonio Ciantar PaleologoPatrizio Roma, 4th Count
5. Conte Giovanni Battista Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizio Roma, 5th Count - See Below.
6. Contessa Maria Ciantar Paleologo, (Lived in Portugal and Spain), Patrizia Roma, married to Nobile Emmanuele Pardo, with issue.

6.1. Nobile Emmauele Pardo.

6.2. Nobile Giuseppe Pardo, (d. in Spain), married with issue.
7. Contessa Elizabetta Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizia Roma, "Nun", dunm


Footnote: Most publications omit the fact that Giovanni Battista Ciantar succeeded his brother, not his father. In the 1878 Commissioners Report we find: It is proper to remark, in order to remove any difficulty that may arise from the adoption of the different surnames of Wzzini and Ciantar, that Count the Conte Ignazio Wzzini had no other children but one daughter named Teodora, who married Giovanni Antonio Ciantar. Of Teodora Conte Serafino was born, who left on his death the Conte Gio Battista, father of the present claimant Serafino, who became the first-born son of the family, by the decease, without issue, of his eldest brother the Conte Giovanni Antonio Ciantar. (See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) (See Report Paras. 192-198) See  also


* Descendants of Maria Ciantar Paleologo noted in Adami Collection vol 94.



* Giovanni Antonio Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizio Roma, 4th Conte Wzzini Paleologo, dunm.


* Giovanni Battista Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizio Roma, (1777-1856), “4th” (recte: 5th) Conte Wzzini Paleologo, 2nd Baron of San Giovanni, Married 1805 to Margarita Farrugia Mannarino, with issue.

1.Conte Sir Giorgio Serafino Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizio Roma, "5th" (recte: 6th) -See Below.
2. Conte Guiseppe Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizio Roma, 6th Count- See Below.
3. Contessa Elena Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizia Roma, (died 1851), married
Judge Francesco Chapelle, with issue.
3.1. Nobile Dr Giovanni Chapelle Paleologo, LL.D, 7th Count - See Below.
Nobile Sir Alessandro Chapelle, 4th Baron of San Giovanni- (See That Title).
3.3. Nobile Maria Regina Chapelle Paleologo (died 1875), married 1854 to
Giuseppe Borg Olivier de Puget, with issue

3.4. Nobile Clementine Chapelle Paleologo (d. 1900)., married  (c.1876) to  Giuseppe Borg Olivier de Puget., (His second wife).

3.5. Nobile Francesca Saveria sive Carolina Chapelle (d.1871), married 1867 to Pietro Castarino., dunm.

3.6. Nobile Maria Chapelle., (d. 1882)., married Carlo dei Marchesi Mallia Tabone.

3.7. Nobile Margherita Chapelle., d. 1906 dunm.

3.8. Nobile Leandro Chapelle., (d. 1924), dsp.
3.9. Nobile Fortunata Chapelle Paleologo, (died 1903), Married 1871 to
Dr Filippo dei Conti Preziosi, LL.D.
3.10. Nobile Cecilia Elena (Emilia) Chapelle, married 1869 Mdina to Gaetano Randon.

4. Conte Fr. Paolo Ciantar-Paleologo, Patrizio Roma, dunm.

5. Contessa Maria Ciantar-Paleologo, Patrizia Roma, dunm.

6. Conte Gio Antonio Ciantar-Paleologo, Patrizio Roma, dunm.

7. Contessa Giuseppa Ciantar-Paleologo, Patrizia Roma, dunm.

8. Contessa Francesca Ciantar-Paleologo, Patrizia Roma, dunm.

9. Contessa Sofia Ciantar-Paleologo, Patrizia Roma, dunm.



* Conte Sir Giorgio Serafino Ciantar Paleologo, KCMG, Patrizio Roma, (1818-87), “5th" (recte: 6th) Conte Wzzini Paleologo, 3rd Baron of San Giovanni, Titular 19th Despot of Mystra and Prince of Selimbria and dunm.


* Conte Giuseppe Ciantar Paleologo, Patrizio Roma, (died 1888)., “6th" (recte: 7th) Conte Wzzini Paleologo, Titular 20th Despot of Mystra and Prince of Selimbria and dunm.


* Nobile Dr Giovanni Chapelle Paleologo, LL.D, (1835-1901), “7th" (recte: 8th) Conte Wzzini Paleologo, Titular 21st Despot of Mystra, Married 1866 to Contessa Emilia Castaldi-Mattei, with issue

1. Conte Dr Giovanni Chapelle Paleologo, LL.D, 8th Count-See Below.

2. Conte Alfredo Chapelle Paleologo., (1877-1937), married 1907 to Laura Mizzi., with issue.

2.1. Conte Joseph Chapelle Paleologo, (1909-57).

2.2. Conte John Alfred Chapelle Paleologo, (1911-., married Josephine Lavetti-Bosco, with issue.

2.2.1. Conte Joseph Chapelle.

2.2.2. Conte Albert Chapelle.

2.2.3. Conte Antoine Chapelle.

2.2.4. Conte Richard Chapelle.

2.3. Conte Henry Herbert Chapelle Paleologo, (1914-)., married Jeanine Dort, (d. 2016), with issue.

2.3.1. Conte Capt. Mark Chapelle.

2.3.2. Contessa Elizabeth Chapelle.

2.3.3. Contessa Claire Chapelle.

2.4. Conte Alexander Chapelle.

2.5. Conte Alfred Chapelle.

2.6. Contessa Amy Chapelle.

2.7. Contessa Mary Chapelle.

2.8. Contessa Doris Betty Chapelle.

3. Conte Alexander Chapelle Paleologo., married Lilian Arms., with issue.

3.1. Contessa Doris Chapelle.

3.2. Contessa Mary Chapelle.

4. Contessa Eugenia sive Luigia Chapelle Paleologo. (d. 1934), married Emmanuele Grungo., with issue.

5. Contessa Carmela Chapelle Paleologo., married NN. Heraghty., with issue.

5.1. Contessa Emilia Heraghty.



* Conte Dr Giovanni Chapelle Paleologo, (1870-1937), “8th" (recte: 9th) Conte Wzzini Paleologo, Titular 22nd Despot of Mystra.
Married (1) 1906 Sliema to Gaetana Fenech, married (2) to Marianna Radmilli, with issue

1. (First Marriage) Conte Dr Giovanni Chapelle Paleologo, 9th Count - See Below.

* Conte Dr Giovanni Chapelle Paleologo, LL.D, (1906-81), “9th" (recte: 10th) Conte Wzzini Paleologo,, Titular 23rd Prince of Mistra, Married 1939 Valletta to Mary Evelyn Magri Cremona (1915-1981), with issue

1. Conte John Constantine Chapelle Paleologo, 11th Count Ciantar Paleologo (recte: Wzzini Paleologo), Titular 24th Prince of Mistra, (1945-2016), Married 1972 to Margaret Cefai, with issue.
1.1. Conte Jean Pierre Chapelle Paleologo, (1975-, 12th Count Wizzini Paleologo, Titular 25th Prince of Mistra, married 2001 to Natasha Stanley, with issue.
1.1.1. Contessa Annah Chapelle Paleologo, (2002-, Heiress to the title of Princely of Mistra.

1.1.2. Contessa Lisa Chapelle Paleologo, (2005-.

1.2. Contessa Nicola Chapelle Paleologo, (1978-
2. Contessa Maria Lucinda Chapelle Paleologo, (1940-, married 1965 to Angelo Onesti.
3. Contessa Simonide Chapelle Paleologo, (1943-, Married 1970 to Luciano Patriniani, with issue

3.1. Conte Ivan Patrignani., (1979-.

4.  Contessa Sophie Mignon Chapelle Paleologo, (1950-, Married 1976 to Matteo La Manna, with issue

4.1. Conte Carlo Lamanna, (1982-.

4.2. Contessa Maya Lamanna, (1979-.

4.3. Contessa Vania Lamanna, (1980-.



Titled, De Jures and Heirs.

* Titled: John Pierre Chapelle Paleologo as the 12th Count Ciantar Paleologo.
* Heir: N.

* Count Ciantar of the French/Portugese creations: Titled: Joseph Nicosia Turnbull, as the 9th Conte Ciantar.
* Heir: (His son) Paul Nicosia Turnbull, as the Contino Ciantar.



* Key to Genealogies of titles of nobility;



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