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1.  Dr Niccolo Bencini MD, practicing Doctor in Florence Italy at the time of the de Medici’s., with issue.

1.1.   Antonio Bencini, died 1643, (c. 1600 arrived in Malta ), married Agata Grech, dsp.

1.2.    Lorenzo Bencini, (c. 1600 arrived in Malta ), married with issue.

1.2.1. Professor Rev. Francesco Domenico Bencini, dunm.

1.2.2. Maruzza Bencini, dunm.

1.2.3. Bartolomeo Bencini (died 1679), married to Eugenia De Bertis, with issue. Giacobo Bencini, married 1715 to Carla Borg, with issue. Fortunato Bencini, married to Maria Musci, with issue. Fra Niccolo Bencini, Parish Priest of Naxxar., dunm. Dr Gioacchino Bencini MD, married to Marcella dei Conti Marchesi., with issue. Teresa Bencini, married 1802 to Dr. Gioacchino Arena, LL.D, with issue Sofia Arena., married 1825 to Vincenzo Caruana. Achille Arena., married 1827 to Antonia Sammut. Salvatore Bencini, married 1807 to Barbara Triganza, with issue Francesco Saverio Bencini, married 1842 to Maria Teresa Micallef-Grimaud, with issue Giuseppe Bencini, married 1876 to Carmela Micallef-Grimaud, with issue Robert Bencini (1889-1967), married 1912 to Gemma Pellegrini-Petit, with issue Alfred Bencini (Commissioner of Police Malta) (1917-1991), married 1941 to Lucy dei Marchesi Testaferrata-Bonici, with issue. Col. Dr Raymond Bencini MD, (1942-, married Marlena Warstat, with issue Alexander Bencini Phillip Bencini Tara Bencini, married Timothy Sinclair Ramona Bencini Marlene Bencini, married Dr. Anton Zammit Bonett LLD, (Migrated to South Australia), with issue Dr Shaun Bonett, LL.D, (1971-. Dr Stephen Bonett, LL.D Freda Bencini, married Herbert Naudi, with issue Mireille Naudi Roberto Naudi Daniela Naudi Franco Naudi Kevin Naudi Denise Bencini, married Udo Turscherl, with issue Nadine Turscherl Laura Bencini, married Capt. Anthony Spiteri-Mallia, with issue Mabel Bencini, married Charles Azzopardi. Capt. Alfred Bencini. Giuseppe Bencini. (Ass Commissioner of Police Malta), married to Baroness Eileen von Brockdorff, with issue. Angela Bencini, (1944-2016), dunm. Adrian Bencini, married to Dorsann N. Dr Austin Bencini, (Secretary of Allied Malta Newspaper), married to Juanita N. John Bencini., (1889-1981), married 1912 to Maria Theresia Bonnici, with issue. Francesco Saverio Bencini, (d. 1929), married 1925 to Giuseppa Crocetta, with issue. Dr Francesco Saverio Bencini MD (Senior Gynaecologist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, South Australia)., (1927- ,  married 1955 to Margaret Allan, with issue. Claire Bencini., married Grant Fisher. Bernadette Bencini, married Olivier Brachat. Angela Bencini, married Robert Strutt. Barbara Bencini, dunm. Vittoria Bencini, dunm. Carmela Bencini, dunm. Giacomo Bencini, married to Caterina Zammit, dsp. Gioacchino Bencini, dunm. Fortunata Bencini. Francesca Bencini. M’Teresa Bencini., married 1811 Valletta to Michel’Angelo Caprile. Filippa Bencini. Anna Bencini, married 1767 Valletta to Dr Arcangelo Grech Cumbo JUD. Caterina Bencini, married 1707 to Grazio Guiliett.

1.2.4. Don Simone Bencini, Priest., dunm.

1.2.5. Maria Bencini, married to Giovanni Monges.

Reference: Adami collection, vol 45, pg 1263.

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