Maltese Families. (Main pages)

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. Tabonescion of the Mallia Tabone family;

. Tabone (main branch);

. Tagliaferro - Counts;

. Tagliaferro  Formerly of Slave stock;

. Tanti;

. di Tarento - Barons of Pietra Longa, Kings of Hungary, Naples, Jerusalem, Emperors of Constantinople;

. di TarsiaBaron;

Testa Testaferrata;

. Testaferrata (Main branch);

. Testaferrata Testaferrata Moroni Viani, Testaferrata Abela, (Senior line) - Barons of Gomerino and Tabria;

. Testaferrata  (Junior line) Testaferrata de Noto, Testaferrata Bonici - Marchese di San Vincenzo Ferreri, Hereditary Knights of the Holy Roman Empire;

. Testaferrata Olivier  Testaferrata de Noto (Junior branch of the Junior line) - Marchese;

. Testaferrata Olivier (19th, 20th and present generations) - Marchese;

. Teuma Teuma Castelletti, TheumaCounts of Ghajn Tuffieha;

Tocco Dukes of Leucade, Counts of Cefalonia e Zante.

. Tomasi  Barons of Montechiaro, Princes of Lampedusa;

. Tonna;

. Toronlords of Toron;

. Torreggiani;

. Torrensi;

. Torres Barons of Fiddien;

. de Toulose Counts of Tripoli e Toulouse;

. Trapani;

. TrigonaPrinces of Niscemi and Castelnuova, Dukes of the Arenella, Barons of Budenetto, Montagna di Marzo;

. TurkeyRuling family of Osmani;

Turkish Emirates - Emirs of Provinces before the Ottomans.