Messy Maltese Entry in Annuario della Nobilta’ Italiana (XXXI EDITION) Vol. III, part III 

 (N.B. The authentic “Annuario della Nobilta’ Italiana” was discontinued in 1905)


Messy Maltese Entry in Annuario della Nobilta’ Italiana (XXXI EDITION) Vol. III, part III. is a private initiative. We don’t claim to be perfect. 


We still have some things to clean up but we think we’ve done a pretty good job so far in collating the biggest ever database on Nobility in Malta and much more. 


Not bad for a private initiative but we’re striving to improve.


On the other hand we expect a higher standard of work from professional publications like the modern “Annuario della Nobilta’ Italiana” (Ed. Andrea Borella) (N.B. The authentic “Annuario della Nobilta’ Italiana” by Crollanza was discontinued in 1905).


So we were surprised to hear that this Annuario identified a ‘definite list’ of 73 families in its XXXI edition in Volume III part III.


We found a copy online  headed “Elenco delle Famiglie Nobilate dall’ Ordine di Malta (famiglie che ottenero un provvedimento nobiliare da un Gran Maestro dell’ Ordine di Malta prima della perdita della Sovranita’ territoriale sulle isole maltesi o famiglie nobili residenti nelle isole maltesi che furono soggette alla Sovranita’ temporale di un Gran Maestro dell’ Ordine di Malta- Elenco Chiuso)”


(Translation: “List of Families ennobled by the Order of Malta (families which received nobility from a Grand Master of the Order of Malta prior to the loss of its sovereignty on the Maltese islands, or noble families residing in the Maltese islands who were subject to the temporal sovereignty of a Grand Master of the Order of Malta - List Closed”)


The introduction to this list sounds very authoritative: “Ovvero l'elenco chiuso (perchè non ampliabile)” (Translation: “the closed list (because one cannot add to it”). We can live with that because the knights were in Malta between 1530 and 1798 and it makes sense to have a finite number. 


But only 73? And which 73 in this ‘closed list’ ? 


So we read the list and…. we are very disappointed (Translation: ROFL) with the modern Annuario’s ‘authoritative’ list ! 


It’s a nonsense ! 


Families like “Kitson”, “Mattei”, “Scicluna” and “Tagliaferro” are included to a period when they were unheard of in Malta !


Families like “Calleja”, “Marchesi” and “Mompalao” who were ennobled by the Grand Masters are  .….. omitted !


Families like “Blundo”, “Barba” and “Sosa” which were long extinct before the knights first arrived in 1530, are …… included !


Surnames like “Apap-Testaferrata” and “Apap-Bologna” are of noble origin derived from the marchional “Apap”family, but these surnames were not combined before the 19th century. The same can be said of the “Sant-Fournier”, “Cassar-Desain”, “Consoli-Palermo-Navarra” and “Caruana-Gatto” which were all combined long after the Order lost the Maltese Islands in 1798 !


What a mess !  What a feast for the dogs ! 


We really don’t want to sound rude to the “Direzione” of the “Annuario” but who gave you your data ?