Wikipedia’s war on

Updated December 2009.



Until recently Wikipedia was touted as a bastion of open knowledge online, but new statistics released by the online encyclopedia's own analytics team suggest WP's explosive growth is all but finished. 


The reason? Well, a recent news item in the Guardian suggests that this is due to the few “deletionists” controlling the many.


Plainly, Wikipedia can never be good substitution for a good book, and is far below the most elementary standards. In fact Wikipedia is about as credible as Faux news.


Anybody can contribute anonymously to the project. So any one can be an

‘editor’. This has its own problems. A former Wikipedia editor says: "There's no place on Wikipedia that says: 'Want to become a Wikipedia editor? Here's how you do it.' Instead, you basically have to really become part of that community and pick it up through osmosis and have the tradition passed down to you."


Some contributions are excellent, others are plain stupid. One

of Wikipedia’s claims to notoriety is that it published the 750th Anniversary of

American Independence!


But Wikipedia has a select group of select editors who fastidiously work to improve a never ending list of articles. These mainstream editors are mostly Deletionists argue against obscure topics. 


Some one else describe these select editors as "revenge of the nerds" who are trying desperately to find an outlet for their frustrations against anyone and anything that clearly outshines their small life of watching over Wikipedia articles.


Our regular readers will recall that recently had a

bad experience with WP because those select editors did not consider http://www.maltagenealogy.comto be a reliable site! The result was so outrageous that even outsiders condemned those select editors. and


This matter was raised again in the past week because we were alerted that the select editors were again bandying our good name in vain all because somebody actually bothered to make an extensive update of the Wikipedia entry on Maltese Nobility by making copious references to ‘s resources. 

Again these Deletionists said a notable aristocrat is not note worthy, again they said that Malta is too small to have a nobility. Again they said http://www.maltagenealogy.comis not a reliable site! Again they threw a torrent of abuse at

Ha Ha Ha! The select Wikipedia editors don’t know what they’re talking about! 

Wikipedia needs to have a good look at itself before criticizing anyone. 

As far as is concerned, its policy is to have nothing to do with Wikipedia.

Wikipedia can celebrate another 750 years of American Independence. Meanwhile, Malta and the Maltese will continue celebrating and reassessing their real history.


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