Marchese di San Vincenzo Ferreri-Non Existent ?.



See final decision of the Consulta Araldica dated 28 May 1901 signed by Royal Commissioner Manno on the “Maltese” title of Marquis of San Vincenzo Ferreri claimed by Emanuele Testaferrata Bonici Asciak- See Link

The title granted in 1716 by King of Spain in the kingdom of Naples was found to be invalid.

The decision also shows the King of Italy would never accept a claim based on a “recognition” by the British Government, because such recognition could only be made by the king of Italy himself as lawful fons honorum of honours in Naples.

As far as Kingdom of Italy is concerned, the “Maltese” title of Marquis of San Vincenzo Ferreri would be regarded as false (in Italian: Falso or Fasullo).

In any case the title of San Vincenzo Ferreri was granted as a barony to GUGLIELMO MORMINO on the 14 June 1773. This grant was further confirmed by the king of Italy by Decree of the 5th March 1902 in the person of ANTONINO MORMINO.

On 11 May 1928, the title was recognized in favour of GIOVANNI MORMINO.

Moreover the Libro d’Oro della Nobiltà Italiana year 1922 attributes the title to the MORMINO family.

All this weakens the claim of the family of TESTAFERRATA BONICI ASCIAK.