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Charles Said-Vassallo.

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Charles Said-Vassallo

Author of and a commentator on all historic Matters involving the history of the Maltese people and the Nobility.

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Born 1971 in Sydney, Australia to Giuseppe Said, the  Principe de Sayd,  Principe di Bibino Magno, Lineal heir to Prince Djem of the Ottoman Empire and also to the Lusignan of Cyprus royal family and Noble Mary Doris Vassallo, Baroness di Frigenuini. Not primarily Maltese nobility, but considered historically of landed gentry and never bothered to present documents or letters patents to the British or its royal commission in the 19th century, as the family was primarily staunched Italian supporters throughout in exile and until Malta became a republic in 1974. The family also claims a number of Maltese feudal titles of nobility as direct heirs and are connected to much of the noble families either legitimately or illegitimately and closely related to the Royal houe of Bourbon Orleans, through Charles-Louis d’Orleans, Comte de Beaujolais.



Executive Producer at L'Héritage d'une loi

April 2016 - November 2016.
"L'héritage d'une loi" est un court-métrage anticipation, de 30 min, écrit, réalisé par Simon Polisset et produit

Artificial teaser at Executive Producer

March 2016 - Present (7 months)
We are a group of film students studying at The European Film College, in Ebeltoft, Denmark, and are

currently in the process of making our newest indie film, ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER, and we need all the help we can get!

Share Holder. at ShowsHappening

January 2013 - Present (3 years 9 months)
We make it really easy for you to buy or sell tickets in Malta. Use the event pages to showcase or purchase

tickets for an event in Malta.

Co-Owner (Share Holder) at

April 2007 - Present (9 years 6 months)
Online employment agency based in Malta. is a social network for jobs, join for free, stay private and only reveal who you are when you

follow a company or apply to a job. Initially started with in the UK. (Based in Malta). (Based in the UK).

Company Director at Said-Vassallo Group Pty Ltd

April 2002 - Present (14 years 6 months) Pest Management, R& D, and investments.

Commercial, Industrial, Hospitality, Strata base pest management strategies and preventative measures short and long term. Specialist in management and advisory in quality assurance and ISO base programs for small and large companies in and around Sydney, Australia. A small specialist company dealing with quality
not quantity. We deal with not only commercial base clients such as Hotels, offices, strata, warehouses, production or manufacturing. We also deal with many apartments and houses for all sorts of problem solving issues.

Researcher at

January 1999 - Present (17 years 9 months)
Celebrating and reassessing the history of the Maltese people, the nobility, Prime Ministers, Governors,

Presidents, Bishops, Arch Bishops, Chief Justices.

Executive Producer at To Be Alone - A Short Film

December 2014 - March 2016 (1 year 4 months) About this project

'To Be Alone' is the story of a teenage girl and a teenage boy in post-pandemic America while they search for the girl's father.

Elected Members and correspondents at Genealogie delle famiglie nobili del Mediterraneo

June 2009 - December 2015 (6 years 7 months)
This project emerged from the activities of scholarships and researchers of "Istituto Internazionale Mare

Nostrum (IIMN) per lo studio dei Ceti Dirigenti del Mediterraneo" (Centre d'Étude et Recherches des Élites Dirigeants du Méditerranées Mare Nostrum - The Mare Nostrum International Institute for the Studies of the Mediterranean Elites)®, in collaboration with the Italian Genealogical Society®, with the purpose to fulfil the lack of information about the Mediterranean historical families hosted on the Web.

The project aim to include, in the next future, the genealogy and history of all historical families on the Mediterranean cultural area, not only Italian, but also (i. e.) from Greece, Middle East Area, Mediterranean Africa, Spain, Portugal, France etc.A special attention will be paid to the genealogical history of the main Islamic dynasties, like the Fatimides.

This project comes to light as a multi-language work and can host different European languages (English, French, Spanish etc.) and non-European (Arabic) without translation in Italian.

The magnitude of this work, and its associated technical difficulties, are not irrelevant. For some families, the available sources are neither of the first quality nor are they confirmed by recent scholarship, and for
this reasons a team of experts, scholars and international repute researchers will be implemented to reach the project goal.

The range of the activities of the Project will be implemented by the launch of a series of scientific workshops, hosted in the IIMN head quarter (presently located in “Palazzo Lupis de Luna d’Aragona, in a “strategical” position in South of Italy) to offer specific training courses for students and researchers as well as accommodation for the whole course.

This Project will include, in the future, the printed version of the "Libro d'Oro della Nobiltà Mediterranea".

Patron at Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti

January 2006 - December 2015 (10 years)
Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti (Maltese Heritage Foundation) was set up in January 1992 by a small group of

individuals who were passionate about the islands’ cultural heritage, and concerned about its welfare. It is a non-profit making organisation with the aim of spreading awareness of the island’s extensive heritage locally and internationally, through museums, exhibitions and publications.

Early on in the Foundation’s life it was decided that its aim would be best reached through the organisation of exhibitions of notable interest, with objets d’art from private collections that have never been previously viewed publicly. This is where Patrimonju's forte lies, in its ability to bring together these hidden treasures, staging them professionally in sumptuous surroundings, and making them accessible to the viewing public.

Patrimonju has already earned an enviable reputation for the spectacular exhibitions it has already organised in its relatively short existence.

Associate Member at Association of the Foreign Titles of Malta.

February 2005 - December 2015 (10 years 11 months)
The Association of Foreign Title Holders in Malta brings together the holders of bona fide titles of nobility.

These titles form part of the Nobility in Malta and they have proud origins of their own, fully endorsed by leading and lawful authorities.

The Association is an autonomous body and enjoys a Statute approved by the Assembly of Members at a General Meeting held on the 21st October 1995. A Council of Officers is elected every two years and is responsible for the administration of the Association. Full membership is accorded to the holders of the relative titles whilst associate membership is offered to those persons proving their descent from the lawful grantee of a foreign title in terms of the Statute.

Most of the individual members of the Association are themselves of very ancient, noble lineage. The Association acknowledges that other titled families in Malta are descended from its own members' illustrious predecessors. Some of those families claim titles of nobility founded on titles forming part of the Association of Foreign Title Holders in Malta.

Patron / Ambassador / Sponsor / Donations at Philanthrophy and Sponsorship

January 2003 - December 2015 (13 years)
Philanthropy to various aspects mostly Maltese related on behalf of or Charles Said- Vassallo.
Ongoing Patronage/Sponsorship to individual or groups, depending on the cause and ambitions.

We look at each potential offer each year and determine what we are able to provide and help.
Our goal is to do help on the fore front to help achieve the goals of the organisation or the individual. In

comparison, it is far more satisfactory then to donate money to join Chilvaric orders such as the SMOM, and many other orders which have offered membership/Knighthood. The strategy aim to achieve rather then to buy honour.

A List of those so far involved:

7. Batyr Australia Ltd : - 2014.
6. Maltese Heritage Rugby League U 16. : - 2012 - 2014.
5. Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti (in Malta) : - 2006 - 2015.
4. Sydney Opera House: - 2007 - 2010.
3. Maltese Rugby League : - 2005.
2. St Dominic's Hostel, Sydney, Australia: - 2005 -2010.
1. Maltese Welfare Assocation of NSW, Australia: - 2003 -2011.

Executive Producer at Candle & Bell

June 2015 - November 2015 (6 months) Short Film - A Six and Two Threes.

Executive Producer at Pocono

January 2015 - December 2016.
The Story of Pocono: Set in 1934, Pocono is the story of two small time crooks, Mitch and his young African

American protege, Henry, who flee to a hideout cabin in the Poconos after a fruitless bank robbery, only to discover that it's already occupied by an ex-banker by the name of Stuart. In the tight, isolated quarters of the cabin Mitch and Stuart's opposing ideologies collide, and Henry is forced to choose between his mentor and his survival.

Concerned with loyalty and individual survival, Pocono is ultimately Henry's coming of age story.

“You can't let the past drag you down.” That's easy to say, but it's much more difficult when you can stare your past in the eyes. My work in the past has been focused on indecision, characters taking half measures and fretting about questions of existence. This film is meant to deal with the root of that indecision, the reason for the anxiety behind it. “If I choose this new thing, who will I be? Will I be alone? Will it have been the wrong choice?”

In this film, Henry has to decide, should he remain blindly loyal because he's used to it, or should he do what's right for himself. When push comes to shove, what do you do?

Executive Producer at Broken Homes

June 2014 - July 2015 (1 year 2 months)
Broken Homes is a crime-drama set in Broken Hill, Australia. The film follows the journey of Alistair

Mitchell, a recently discharged SAS soldier suffering from Bi Polar, and his troubled assimilation back into society and normal life. When Alistair discovers his girlfriend has been missing for three months without a trace, his world is thrown upside down. What ensues is a thrilling investigation that pushes Alistair's physical and mental health to its utmost limits.

Enter The World of the Willows (SCIFI/THRILLER short film) at Enter The World of the Willows (SCIFI/THRILLER short film)
January 2015 - June 2015 (6 months)

The World Of The Willows is a co-written short film by Daniel Morgan and Nathan White, embracing the thriller/sci fi genres, the script was written over the course of three months up in the woods of New York State. Each and every character has been refined to produce the highest quality script to truly encapsulate the situation of the world.

A crew of twelve students from the University of the West of England (UWE) will be helping to produce
this project, along with a variety of industry professionals. It is a audio-visual feast featuring in-depth sound design for the desolate world and stunning 3D modelling and composites to encapsulate the state of this world. Everyone has put so much hard work to prep this project ready for production, all we need now is any contribution to reach our final goal and see this script turn into a top-quality 20 minute short film. id=0B03HfpmlPNfZfmtiOVh1WWRPYWFNNjZScGpYM1V1cDFNWG9zaXFMaTJSSzBxeUl3cGVTUzQ&usp=sh

Associate Producer at Nephew - a short film

December 2014 - June 2015 (7 months)
Nephew follows Eric, a young Vancouverite, as he is faced with a complicated decision. After having seen

his estranged uncle on the bus for the first time in over 10 years, Eric weighs the merits of reaching out to him, and the risk it may pose to his family.

Yves Jacques & Noah Cohen
Intercut with Eric’s story are two documentary-like interviews in which two additional characters, Philip

and Claudine, describe their relationships with their own respective uncles. Philip, a young Swedish man living in New York, recounts the experience of growing up with a racecar driver for an uncle, and how a car accident drastically changed his family dynamic. Claudine, a French Canadian woman in her early sixties, recalls the impact of an uncle she idolized as a child as she contemplates her present-day responsibilities as an aunt.

These two interview sequences offer differing perspectives towards avuncular relationships, complementing Eric’s own conflicting thoughts. As he leans further and further towards reconnecting with his uncle, Eric begins to question the significance of their relationship.

Executive Producer at Candle & Bell

February 2014 - June 2015 (1 year 5 months)
Short film: "Lost Girl" is the latest short film produced by Candle & Bell and is scheduled for completion in

late summer 2014. The film was written and directed by Laura Degnan, one of the North East's most exciting directorial talents. Lost Girl was shot on location in Danby, North Yorkshire over four days.

Executive Producer at James Will Howl

August 2013 - January 2014 (6 months)
A short film called James Will Howl, produced by Maria Caruana Galizia and directed by Harry Jenkinson. A Candel and Bell Production.

Executive Producer at My Mother's Son

August 2012 - December 2012 (5 months) A Short film:

My Mother's Son tells the story of Ricky, a loner and new father, struggling to come to terms with his

childhood and the mother that left him. At odds with his Italian upbringing, he travels to Newcastle England, his mother's birth place, in the hope of finding some answers. The inspiration for the film came largely from the silent film genre and early 'talkies', using strong visuals and music to tell the story rather than intense dialogue scenes. Ultimately it is a story about choice and who's footsteps we wish to travel in: ours or other people's. Written by Anonymou

Ambassador at Sydney Opera House

January 2007 - December 2010 (4 years)

Chairman leadership patronage for the Sydney Opera House.


February 1999 to Present Members:Charles Said-Vassallo

Research of the history of the Maltese people.


self publication April 21, 1999 Authors: Charles Said-Vassallo

Based on the history of the Maltese people in various forms including nobility, leaders such as Bishops, Archbishops, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Knights of the British realm, and other Maltese who have achieved great honour.. Its a show case of Maltese genealogy with many interesting links to royalty and European nobility.

Also a case study on British Dukes and Marquis's, Napoleonite Nobility in the 1st and 2nd empire, Maltese heraldy, surname origins and the Sovereign Military Order of St John of Malta and its dying days in Malta.

Publication is online and updated regularly with new descendants and corrections.


* Honours and Awards

Knight of the Order of the Eagle of Georgia and The Seamless Tunic of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

conferred by HRH, Prince Davit Bagrationi Muhran Batonishvili, Head of the Royal House of Georgia. April 2012

* Education

University of Western Sydney

MBA, Business Administration, 2001 - 2002 Activities and Societies: MBA

Linkedin for Background details;

Press Here for Coat of Arms for its history

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* Genealogical Connections. 

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